District 9x9 Newsletter

September 2004

Bob (Doc) Holliday, District Governor





Are your club’s plans unfolding as you hoped they would?  If not, you can, and should initiate the action to make sure that your goals are clear, and the pathway to those goals remains unobstructed.  Keeping track of where you are now, and where you want to be, requires dedication and commitment.  It means staying focused.  It requires a unified effort with a team spirit.  Whose responsibility is that?  Simply put, it’s the responsibility of each Lion.  We all took seriously, and promised faithfully, the oath asking us to serve.  An individual oath; our oath.  A promise to ourselves, our club and our community. 


The Iowa Lion Magazine


In the next edition you will see a registration form about our upcoming Fall Rally and Davenport Hosts’ 80th Anniversary.  Please pass the word on this to everyone you know.  We really are counting on a big district turnout.  Questions can be directed to PDG Andy Ploehn, who is the event chair.  His number is:  (563) 344-9022.




Lions and Scouting?  You bet!  In the United States, Lions Clubs sponsor more Boy Scout troops than any other non-religious organization.  Through joint service projects, Lions can demonstrate the importance of humanitarian service to Boy and Girl Scouts.  Lions are ideal mentors and positive adult role models for young people.  Concerned adults are assets in the lives of young people.  Any club sponsoring a Scout unit can receive the Lions embroidered Scouting banner patch award.  A Lions certificate is also available for presentation to young men who have attained the highest US Boy Scout Rank – the Eagle Scout.  To learn about the relationship between Lions and Scouts, request the video, “Lions International and The Boy Scouts of America”  from your local Scout Council (www.bsa.scouting.org).  Lions can also request, “Scouting: Community Outreach Resources for your Lions Club New Unit Kit.”  Check out the Lions International Website (www.lionsclubs.org), and click on youth programs.


Club Presidents


Previously, you had been mailed “The BIG YELLOW ENVELOPE” from Lions Club International.  Inside this envelope was your club’s Official Entry Form 2004-05 for the Best Membership Recruiting Ideas.  The best & brightest recruitment ideas from Lions Clubs Worldwide are being requested.  In addition to participating in a project that is bringing together Lions worldwide, prizes will be awarded.  Entries must be received by October 1, 2004 at 4:00 p.m. (CST) and the winners will be notified in January 2005.  Your ideas are important.  Talk about this to your club and put your minds together. Don’t hesitate.  October 1st is coming up quickly.






Awards and Recognition


It is vital, and it is proper to acknowledge one’s efforts.  The Guide to Awards and Recognition is an excellent resource which reflects all the formal awards and recognition offered by Lions Clubs International and Lions Clubs International Foundation.  Detailed information about each award or recognition is provided, such as award type, requirements, procedure and how the award is issued.  This document may be downloaded, free of charge, from the Lions Clubs International website (www.lionsclubs.org).  Please make sure YOUR CLUB has a copy of this!


Club Secretaries


Just a reminder that one of your responsibilities as club secretary is to submit your Monthly Membership Report, each and every month!  Your club’s report needs to be submitted no later than the last day of the month.  The International Website has a very convenient and easy way for you to do this.  Each club had previously been provided with a password which would enable this to be accomplished.  If, for some reason, you do not have your password, please get in touch with me and I will make sure you get it.  Should you not have a computer, I’m sure you know someone who has.  Libraries also have computers which the public may use.  Also, check your club records.  If your club has not submitted the Annual Activities Report Form (2003-2004), this needs to be done right away!  That, along with your PU-101 (Listing of Club Officers) is a requirement.  Please make sure your club’s forms are submitted, and if not you know what you have to do!


Peace Poster Contest


Give youth a chance to express their ideas of what peace should be.  Your club can give them that opportunity!  The 17th Annual Lions International Peace Poster Contest is underway.  Club secretaries:  You can order one or more of the Peace Poster Kit (PPK-1) from Club Supplies Sales Department at Lions Clubs International Headquarters.  The cost for the kit is only $7.95 plus shipping and handling.  Orders will be filled until October 1st.  You can fax your order to:  (630) 571-1688 or email your order to:  clubsupplies@lionsclubs.org.  Be sure to reach out to other organizations (Boy & Girl Scouts, 4-H Clubs, Church groups, etc.)  This contest is open to all children ages 11-13 in all areas where Lions clubs exist.  Be sure your club participates in this worthwhile event for children!  Lion Clara Cook is your District Peace Poster Chair.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact her at:  (319) 849-1874 or by email at:  cmc3421@aol.com. 


Iowa State Fair


Thank you to the following volunteers who helped with the Lions Booth at the Iowa State Fair:  Del & Susie Brown; LaVerne “Butch” Arp; Keith & Lois Whitlatch; Loren & Donna Claussen; Bob & Julie Holliday; Connie & Jerry Inman and Gary & Kristin Glockhoff.  This is a fun & rewarding event.  Don’t miss your turn next year!




Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is the grant-making arm of Lions Clubs International.  The foundation accepts donations from Lions and others, and through careful disbursement, uses those funds to help meet crucial humanitarian needs of communities worldwide.  LCIF is Lions helping Lions serve others.


Your Very Own


If your club currently does not have its own website, you’re missing out on a wonderful opportunity to promote your activities and your fun.  Not only will other clubs, in our area, in our district and around the world be able to see what your club is doing, but the public for which we serve, will be able to do the same.  It is an important message that needs to get out, and you can make it happen.  The cost is minimal!  If you’d like to find out further information on how your club can get started, please contact PDG Dick Polansky at:  (563) 659-3098, or by email at:  Polansky@willinet.net. 


Buy a Brick!


Your club could easily make a lasting and visible impact this year with the purchase of a Charter Brick.  This brick will have the name and charter date of your club and will be placed at the Lions State Office.  Quite a number of clubs in our district have purchased these bricks.  A lasting symbol for years to come.  Your Foundation Trustee, Dave Henecke, will be glad to arrange this for your club.  Charter Bricks are only $50.00.  Please contact Dave by phone or email today.  Phone:  (319) 851-4411.  Email:  dlelhenecke@juno.com.


Promote Youth!


They say you can’t go wrong with a good thing!  That’s absolutely true when you offer the opportunity of promise.  Lions Clubs International has numerous, exciting programs which all clubs can become involved with.  Two of these programs pertains to the involvement and recognition of youth.  The Lions Young Leaders in Service Awards (IAD-133) rewards service-minded young people, ages 12-18, with a silver award for (50) hours of community service and a gold award for (100) hours of community service.  The Lions Young Ambassadors of the 21st Century Award (IAD-137) honor young people 15-19, who excel in community service, leadership, public speaking, and academics.  I would strongly recommend looking into these programs and making something wonderful happen in the youth area of your club.  You can contact the Youth Programs Department at:  (630) 571-5466, ext. 324, or go to the International Website (www.lionsclubs.org) to order this information for your club – today!


What’s Coming Up?



Sep 1-7:            International Enthusiasm Week.  Display genuine enthusiasm to

                        every person, every project, and every possibility that comes

                        your way.  It will change your week, your month, your year

                        and your life.


Sep 2-6:            Old Threshers Reunion, McMillan Park, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.


Sep 26:            DeWitt Nite Lions, 25th Anniversary.  Social Hour:  3:00-4:00 p.m.

                        4:00 p.m. dinner.  Cost: $15.00.  Location: American Legion Post 238,

                        704 – 9th Avenue, DeWitt.  R.S.V.P. to Leo Fier, 200 – 8th Street,

                        DeWitt, IA  52742.  Phone: (563) 659-5359 by September 15th.


Sep 26:            National Good Neighbor Day.  To build a nation and world that cares   

                        by increasing appreciation and understanding of our fellow man.


What’s Coming Up?  (Continued)


Oct:                  International Relations Month.  This is an ideal time to initiate an

                        International relations project in your club.  Check out the many ways

                        your club can get involved in an international relations project by visiting

                        the International Website (www.lionsclubs.org).  The 14th of October is

                        Lions World Sight Day, which was created to recognize and reinforce

                        the importance of eradicating preventable blindness.


Oct 16:             District 9x9 Fall Rally/80th Anniversary of the Davenport Host Lions

                        Club.  Details and registration form are in The Iowa Lions Magazine.

                        Plan on bringing the group! 



We Want YOU – pick one!


District 9x9 is looking to fill the following positions.  Each is a very important piece of the puzzle, without which, no picture can be totally complete.  If you are interested in being part of the district team, please feel free to contact any of your district representatives and they will let me know.  They will be able to provide you with a description of the duties associated with each of these areas.



Leader Dog


Your district is united in its efforts to support those many worthy causes that call to us for assistance.  One of these is the Leader Dog Program.  The Leader Dog organization offers the only existing program for individuals who are both blind and deaf. Students come from all over the United States and around the globe. There is no charge to students for a Leader Dog or any part of the training program.  Your club contribution can mean so much!  I’m sincerely asking for each club to make a donation to this program.  The dollar amount is up to your club.  Perhaps your club has regularly contributed, and for that and your continued support, I thank you.  Please send your donation to:  Leader Dogs for the Blind, PO Box 5000, 1039 South Rochester Road, Rochester, MI  48307-3115.  Please contribute today.  Thank you very much!  I really appreciate it.


What is the schedule?


Aug 31:               Region I, Zones I & II, Zone Meeting, Palmer Hills, Bettendorf

Sep 9:                 Cedar Rapids Noon Lions Club (OV)

Oct 1-2:              Council of Governor’s Meeting, Ames

Oct 11:                Mt. Vernon Lions Club (OV)

What is the schedule?  (Continued)


Oct 16:                Fall Rally/80th Anniversary Davenport Host Lions

Oct 18:                Mechanicsville Lions Club (OV)

Oct 19:                Otter Creek Area Lions Club (OV)

Nov 10:               Region II, Zone I, Zone Meeting, Stanwood Union Church

Nov 18:               Tipton Lions Club (OV)

Nov 23:               Stanwood Lions Club (OV)

Dec 8:                 Lone Tree Lions Club (OV)

Jan 14:                Council of Governor’s Meeting, Urbandale

Jan 14-16:           Mid-Winter Leadership Conference, Urbandale

Jan 6:                  Parkview Lions Club (OV)

Jan 24:                World Peace Day (Plan Now – ask for publication IAD-65)

Feb 8:                 Alburnett Lions Club (OV)

Mar 11/12:          District Convention, Hosted by the Muscatine Lions Club

Jun 21:                Low Moor Lions Club (OV)


State & District Pins


These are yours for $2.00 apiece.  Here’s what I have:  2002 Iowa State Pin; 2003 District 9x9 Pin (Cody Trail); 2004 Iowa State Pin; 2004 District 9x9 Pin (Clinton County) and the newest one – 2005 Iowa State Pin.  Get the word to me, your Zone or Region Chair, letting me know which ones and how many you’d like, and I’ll make sure they get to you promptly.




Build those bonds of friendship, worldwide, by opening up those channels of international communication.  It is an exceptionally easy project and one that every Lions Club should participate in.  The purpose of twinning is to give clubs from various cultures an opportunity to learn about one another.  Check out the link “International Relations” at the International Website (www.lionsclubs.org).  Please let me know in your Monthly Membership & Activity Report that your club has taken steps to participate in this program.


Let it be known!


Looking for a guest presenter for your upcoming club or zone meeting?  There’s no better choice than your district committee chairs!  Please call upon them throughout the year.  They are looking forward to hearing from your club soon!




Be sure to let everyone you know about our website.  Encourage them to print off a copy of the District newsletter.  Are there businesses around your area who could benefit from receiving a copy of our District newsletter?  Definitely so!  Keep Lions information and services in the eyes and ears of your community!