District 9 x 9 Newsletter

October 2004

Bob (Doc) Holliday, District Governor




The first quarter of this Lions year has passed.  Take a moment to look back and measure your accomplishments.  From where you started in July to where you ended in September, are you at the place where you planned to be on your journey to meeting your goals?  This self-evaluation is something that is necessary to do, each and every quarter, to determine what steps need to be taken to catch up and gear up for the second quarter.  If your monthly calendar of activities and service is meager, then you owe it to your members and your community to reinvest your attention and efforts to turn the tide and make things happen. 


Club Secretaries


The answer is YES.  Monthly Membership Reports are due, each and every month.  As secretary, this is part of your official duties.  If you submit your membership report online, that is great; if you mail it to me and International on the official report form, that’s ok too; just as long as we both get it, and it is submitted MONTHLY.  If you enter the report online, I will still need to receive your activities for the month if you want them to be considered for the District Points Contest.  For those who have not yet submitted a monthly report, I will need that right away!  I should have in my possession a monthly membership report from each club for the months of:  July, August and September.  Check your records, if you have a copy showing that you have already submitted them, good for you, if not, you have some homework that needs to get done.  I look forward to getting your homework right away.




Not only does this word indicate a need to acquire new members, but to attend to the needs of your current members.  Are they involved?  Does your club have active committees?  Are these committees meeting on a regular basis, and are those committee plans being implemented?  For those members who show up at your meetings and events on an irregular basis, are they being called promptly to say that they were missed, and encouraged to participate in the next event?  Does your club have a calling tree?  These are some of the many questions that need to be asked.  If the answer to these questions is NO, then the time needs to be taken NOW to change that answer into a YES!  When is your next membership drive?  If you have to scratch your head and think about the last time your club signed a new member, it’s too long, and you need to take positive steps to do something about that.  A regular, consistent growth pattern needs to be the standard for each club in District 9x9. 




Clubs In Action


Bennett:                Sponsored blood drive.  Held with fund raiser for couple who lost

                            their home in a fire.  Installed new member.


Bettendorf:           Will be hold a community wide prospective member drive on

                            Thursday, October 14, at the Bettendorf Middle School Auditorium,

                            with a free dinner at 6:15 p.m.  Contact:  Pete Lehman (355-3852) or

                            Dorothy Carnes (359-5956).


Blue Grass:                Collected eyeglasses, held blood drive, volunteered hours for food

                                 pantry and recycling.


Calamus:                   Participated in a lunch stand at an auction sale.


CR Noon:                 Provided exams & eyeglasses for two people, collected (225) pair

                                 of used eyeglasses & staffed the ILF Golf Tourney in Cedar Rapids.


Center Point:             Worked on finalizing school activity calendars.


Clinton:          Sold brooms, screened children’s eyes for Coming To Your Senses,

                                 Transported members of the Blind Club to their meeting.


Dav. Breakfast:        Held its Candy Day Fundraiser; worked at the John Deere Classic

                                 as a fundraiser; sold dining books and brooms.           


Dav. Host:                 Held its Candy Day Fundraiser.  Sold Dining Tour Books and

                                 Brooms.  Planning the Fall Rally and 80th Anniversary Celebration.


Delmar:                     Held blood drive (collected 59 pints), four members attended Low

                                 Moors Golf Day, four members went to Camp Courageous to help

                                 clean up after windstorm.


Dewitt Nite:               Held a Brat stand fundraiser, purchased eyeglasses, donated to:

                                 LCIF, Leader Dog and Sight First.


Dewitt Noon:             Participated in the Low Moor Golf Tourney, participated in a Brat

                                 stand fundraiser, inducted (3) new members.


Durant Lioness:        Baked bars and served concessions at the Jenn Happ Memorial

                                 Softball Tournament, participated in the Fireman’s Celebration

                                 Parade, handed out Coming To Your Senses brochures, balloon

                                 hats and animals to the children, held a fundraiser.


Eldridge:                    Collected (114) pair of eyeglasses and (3) hearing aids.


Goose Lake:              Served sandwiches at local lumber yard for their Appreciation Day.


Iowa City:                 Passed out free ice cream at Irving Weber Days.  Sold brooms at

                                 Johnson County Fair Booth.



Lone Tree:                Sponsored and ran a Kid’s mini-pedal tractor pull at local fall



Lowden:                  Held a sweet corn supper at Lowden Memorial Park.  Supported

                               North Cedar Youth.


Low Moor:              Held annual golf outing at Valley Oaks Country Club, helped with

                               Camanche Car Show, sponsored the Annual Baseball Night at the

                               Clinton Riverview Interstate Stadium (Garden Section), held annual

                               Fall Boat Ride, participated in serving with the lunch wagon at a

                               public auction.


Mechanicsville:     Built a wheel chair ramp for a local resident, Lisbon Branch held a

                              Sight & Hearing screening.


Muscatine:              Held fundraiser at the Hogs for Dogs on the riverfront, supported a

                              eye check-up and glasses for a needy person, held blood drive.


Otter Creek

Area:                     Delivered meals to homebound, participated in Coming To Your

                             Senses, held annual picnic at Monroe Park, inducted (3) new members,

                             Helped with park maintenance (mowing, painting, trimming, etc.).

                             Upcoming Event:  Soup Supper at the Legion Hall in Toddville on

                             Saturday, November 6.


Parkview:              Held golf tournament, served food at National Night Out.  Upcoming

                             Event:  Ham Fest at the Davenport Airport on November 14th.


Princeton:              Helped support the Volunteer Fire Department and North Scott

                             Reunion.  Sold sweet corn in support of a memorial.


Stanwood:             Participated in the following:  Low Moor Golf Tournament,

                             Stanwood Summer fest, held breakfast fundraiser with proceeds

                             going to Habitat for Humanity House in Tipton, held a Cake and

                             Ice Cream social with donation going to the Stanwood Fire

                             Department.  Held a Coming to Your Senses Screening.  Donated

                             to LCIF.  Participated in the State Fair Booth.


Tipton:                  Sponsored the Lions Auto Fest at Cedar County Fairgrounds and

                            provided food at the clubhouse.  Provided horse and trolley rides

                            in several parades.  Upcoming Event:  Hunter’s Breakfast at the

                            Tipton Lions Club House on October 30th.


Walcott:               Held steak fry at Victory Park.  Putting together a new Lions

                            Brochure that will be used by the club in its membership drive.


Walker:                Participated in a Homecoming Fundraiser.


Wheatland:           Worked at the Iowa Football Home Games as a club fundraiser.



Fall Rally


Bring your banners, bring your checks, bring your bodies and bring your spirit to the Fall Rally on Saturday, October 16th at the Holiday Inn on Brady Street, in Davenport.  A good time will be had by all!  A parade of checks will be part of this annual event.  This is the time to publicly show your clubs financial support of the many worthy charities that need our help.  There will also be a collection point for used eyeglasses and hearing aids; please feel free to bring those as well.  October 16th is a double-pleasure day.  After the conclusion of the Fall Rally, the Davenport Host Club will be holding their 80th Anniversary Celebration at the same location.  Please consider attending both of these events.  Registration information was printed in the last issue of The Iowa Lion.  Questions may be referred to PDG Andy Ploehn, event chair, (563) 344-9022.


Zone Meetings


Zone meetings are in full swing.  Clubs should have already or will be soon, receiving information about upcoming zone meeting locations, dates and other related information.  These meetings are open to all Lions; please strongly consider attending.  Besides meeting other Lions from clubs throughout the area, and having a great time, there are many opportunities to obtain and share information that will help you and your club to help others in your communities.  Show your sign of support by having your club well represented at these important meetings.




As you know, besides being a valued member of your town’s Lions Club, you are additionally a member of the International Lions Clubs.  October is recognized by Lions Clubs International as “International Relations Month.”  What is listed on YOUR club activity agenda this month in support of this program?  This could be as easy as participating in the stamp collecting & exchanging program, or club twinning program.  What about dabbling in a festive event such as:  holding a member social night with food, music, and entertainment which represent many different countries?  Or having one or more guest speaker’s talk about their country?  It could involve having one or more of your own club members select a nations flag and speak on that country, and the Lions activities in that country.  There is a wide variety of choices.  Get involved.


October (Continued)


The second Thursday in October is also recognized at Lions World Sight Day, which was created to recognize and reinforce the importance of eradicating preventable blindness.  How can your club get involved?  Eyeglass Recycling:  Organize a community-wide eyeglass recycling drive.  Place collection boxes in key areas throughout your community.  Participate in the Lions/LensCrafters Sight Night. Screenings:  Partner with a local ophthalmologist, optometrist or eye care specialist to conduct vision, glaucoma or cataract screenings at a public location.  Work with a local public health agency or a community group to conduct diabetes screenings and awareness programs.  Other Community Ideas:  Donate large-print books and Braille readers, if needed, to your library.  Offer to work with schools on eye health education.  Contact your local hospital to see if you can provide volunteers or financial support for an eye care educational program or clinic.  Can you get involved – definitely.  Should you get involved – absolutely!


Award Nominations Sought


Nominations for the Ralph A. Whitten Service Award, and G. E. “Bud” Klise Leadership Award are being accepted.  Information and nomination criteria have been provided to each club.  Cabinet members also have this same information.  The deadline for submission to VDG Donna Schultz is:  January 31, 2005.  Every club should take this wonderful opportunity to submit a recommendation.  Your club may personally acknowledge and honor its nominee as “Lion of the Year” (in the case of the Ralph A. Whitten Service Award) or “Leader of the Year” (in the case of the G. E. “Bud” Klise Leadership Award).  Club nominations will be reviewed by the district and those, in each category selected by the district, will then be submitted for consideration within the multiple district.  The recipient of the Ralph A. Whitten Service Award and G. E. “Bud” Klise Leadership Award, will be chosen from this final stage.  If you have any question or need additional forms, please get in touch with VDG Donna Schultz who is Chair of this event.


Take a Look Around


What communities around yours do not now have a Lions Club?  Jot down a list of those towns.  Now, have you considered being the sponsor of a new Lions Club?  What a tremendous gesture that would be!  Your service, experience, knowledge and genuine concern for making a good world better, one person at a time, being shared with another community, is above all, the most unselfish and worthwhile act you can perform.  Think seriously about this.  Set up a planning meeting to begin your steps in this direction.  Contact Extension Chair Keith Whitlatch with any questions you may have as you involve yourself in this noble effort.  Keith’s number is:  (563) 942-6670, or by email, kwhitl1601@aol.com.




Be Seen – Be Visible


If you look through the Lions Supply Catalog there are pages and pages of both Lions apparel, jewelry and promotional items.  There are the yellow vests, hats, shirts, blouses, etc., that grace the many pages of the catalog.  You might consider ordering your own coffee mug or other item that could be readily seen by Lions and non-Lions alike.  The more we each keep our image in the eyes and ears of the public, the better it is.  Some clubs have their own shirts which are imprinted with such things as, “I’m a Lion and Proud of It, ask me how you can be one too!”  These Lions can be seen walking through the stores and malls of our communities; what a great way to bring the message to the people!  What ideas does your club have?  Does your club have a unique way of getting out the word?  If not, what plans do you have to make this happen? 


Leo Clubs


What?  The purpose of a Leo Club is to promote service activities among the youth of the community which will develop the individual qualities of Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.  To unite its members in friendship, fellowship and mutual understanding.  Classes of Leos include:  Alpha membership:  Those who are 12 years of age to the age of majority.  Omega membership:  Those who are from the age of majority to 28 years of age.  Can my club organize a Leo Club?  YES.  The youth in our communities is virtually untapped.  You can make a difference by extending the hand of opportunity to youth by starting a Leo Club in your area.  How can my club get started?  Contact the Youth Programs Department at International Headquarters or on the Lions International Web site:  www.lionsclubs.org, and ask for your FREE Leo Club Organization Kit.  You and your community will be glad you did!