District 9 x 9 Newsletter

November 2004

Bob (Doc) Holliday, District Governor

2004 – 2005



The terms “Fall Back” and “Spring Ahead” remind us to adjust our time.  This is such a good illustration that I’d like to incorporate it into our District plans for this year.  Falling back could mean not keeping up, lagging behind or becoming indifferent.  I know that this does not describe any Lion in our District because we have more going for us than that.  We have a purpose, a plan and a time frame to implement that plan. 


Falling back also has a more powerful, positive meaning.  It tells us to fall back and remember our obligations to our communities and to ourselves when we took the oath of membership and promised to do what we can, as often as we can, to whomever we can, and to do it to the best of our ability.  This is the Lion’s way; it is our way.  Falling back in this manner allows each of us to recharge, to get regrouped, and go forward.


Springing ahead tells us that now, and in the months to follow, we need to stay on course, adapt whenever and wherever necessary to keep us on course, and to involve as many of our current club members as often as possible, while continually spreading the word and getting countless numbers of new Lions onboard.  It also tells us to look to those communities which do not now have a Lions club with the hope that we take action in getting one started.  This process begins with us, the current Lions clubs in District 9 x 9.  Later on in this newsletter there is a listing of communities who now are waiting for us to give them the opportunity.  Let’s not let them down.  Look at this list, talk it over with your club, and decide which community your club would like to work on.  “Fall Back” and “Spring Ahead,” remember?


New District Cabinet Officers


Please join me in welcoming two special additions to the District 9x9 Cabinet:  Lois Whitlatch and Ralph Binnie.  Lois will be serving you as the Diabetes Committee Chair, and Ralph will be your Information Technology Committee Chair.  They know their stuff and want to share it with your club.  Even though Diabetes Awareness promotion is a year-around event, since November is designated as Diabetes Awareness Month, this is a perfect opportunity to contact Lois, who would be glad to assist your club in running a project. 


Ralph is anxious to get your club started with your own website.  It isn’t difficult or costly, and will serve as a constant reminder to your members and the community at large, of your current and upcoming events, the special acknowledgement and recognitions that you give, and news on the fun that your club regularly enjoys.  Each club should look into this by contacting Ralph.  Don’t hesitate.



Lois Whitlatch                                                  Ralph Binnie

707 King Avenue                                     3501 – 210th Street

Stanwood, IA  52337                                      Goose Lake, IA  52750-9629


Email: kwhitl1601@aol.com                          Email:  Ralphb@willinet.net


Inter-Club Visitation


Let me take this opportunity to promote this.  More and more clubs in our district are doing this.  They understand the importance of their role in the community and realize that Lions throughout our communities unite as a team.  By visiting other Lions clubs, you not only meet your fellow team players, but make new friends, and share ideas that will mutually help each of you in your own communities.  Joining together to assist in each other’s projects is becoming more and more popular.  Consider the possibilities!


Thank you!


A thank you goes out to the Davenport Host Lions Club for hosting, coordinating and promoting the Fall Rally and Davenport’s 80th Anniversary celebration.  Event Chair, PDG Andy Ploehn, Club President Lance Heuer, and a willing, energetic committee made these events, indeed, a very special one for us all.  I also want to extend my thanks and appreciation to both DG Carol Ann Kirkbride, her husband Randy, and Lori Short for presenting the seminars we had that day, and to DG Ray Halterman, his wife Nancy and their family, for being with us and making our day even that much special.


It was also my honor to have as our keynote speaker, Past International Director (PID) Dr. Dwayne Garrett, and his wife Jeanette whose presence added that touch of class to our special day.


Klise/Whitten Award Nominations Sought


The date you need to keep foremost in your mind is January 31, 2005.  This is the deadline for submitting your club’s nomination for the Ralph A. Whitten Service Award and the Klise Leadership Award.  Nomination forms and guidelines have been provided to each District 9 x 9 Lions Club.  Your club’s nominations are to be sent to VDG Donna Austin Schultz, 79 Ealing Drive, Iowa City, IA  52246 by the deadline.  It is important that she receives these nominations before or on the deadline date, not after that date.  Every Lion’s Club has a worthy Lion who can be nominated.  Your club’s Lion of the Year and Leader of the Year should be nominated for the District Lion of the Year and District Leader of the Year, by the January 31, 2005 deadline.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with Donna as soon as possible.  Her phone number is:  (319) 337-7993.


Kids N’ Coins


Leader Dogs for the Blind introduces Kids N’ Coins, a unique and fun fundraising effort that involves elementary school children.  Students are asked to collect spare change from their homes and families to donate to Leader Dog.  100% of the money raised through Kids N’ Coins program will be applied directly to the costs associated with the training of a student/dog team.  Schools that participate in the program will receive a photo of the Future Leader Dog they are “sending to school,” as well as a picture of the graduate team.  Each student participating will receive information about Leader Dogs for the Blind and a personalized certificate of thanks. 


This would be an excellent program for clubs in our District to participate in; a way to reach out to youth and to support a worthy program.  For more information, be sure and contact:  Leader Dogs for the Blind, PO Box 5000, Rochester, Michigan  48308-5000, or contact them by phone or email at:  (888) 777-5332.  Email:  www.leaderdog.org.  Tell them you are from District 9 x 9, that your club wants to get involved and make a difference.  Your District Leader Dog Committee Chair is Henry Small who would very much like to talk to your club about the Leader Dog Program.  Henry can be contacted by calling:  (319) 396-6140, or by email:  henrysmall@mcleodusa.net.  Thanks!


25th Anniversary Celebration


Delmar Lions Club will be celebrating their 25th Anniversary on Saturday, November 20th.  Social hour will be at 6:00, and the meal will be at 7:00 p.m.  The place will be:  Buzzy’s Reception Hall, Welton, Iowa.  Meal will include a pork chop dinner with all the trimmings.  Cost of the meal is:  $12.50.  An R.S.V.P. is required by Monday, November 15th.  Contact:  Paul Seyfert, 2357 – 115th Street, Delmar, IA  52037.  Phone:  (563) 574-4289.  Cell phone:  (563) 349-9721. 


Information Needed


Zone Chairs:  Please send me a copy of the attendance sheet after each of your zone meetings.  Please also provide VDG Donna Austin Schultz will the dates of your zone meetings.


Clubs:  Depending on the space available, I would be glad to send to The Iowa Lion a photo of your club’s activities; Lion’s in Action – Serving others.  If you send them to me, I will do my best.  Please identify what the event depicts and the names of those in the photo.




The Iowa Lions State Office reported that PID Del Brown underwent over 5-hours of surgery last Friday for a Hiatal Hernia and according to Susie, is doing fine.  Get well wishes can be sent to Del at his home address:  515 Rundell Street, Iowa City, IA  52240.  On behalf of District 9 x 9, I wish to extend a quick recovery.


Personal Thanks


Thank you Lions Clubs of District 9 x 9 for the friendship and hospitality extended to me on my official visits.  It makes me feel good to see such an active group of Lions, reaching out to their communities and seeing that their own members are kept happy, informed and active. 


November – Did You Know?




 Notes on above:


1)      American Education Week focuses attention on the importance of education and all that it stands for.  (www.nea.org)

2)      Children’s Book Week is sponsored by the Children’s Book Council, to encourage the enjoyment of reading for young people.

3)      National Game and Puzzle Week is an event to increase appreciation of board games and puzzles while preserving the tradition of investing time with family and friends.


Environmental – Lions as Stewards of the Earth


Marvin Klebe, your District Committee Chair, is doing a great job.  He has a lot of knowledge to share with you in hope that your club will include at least one environmental project among those you already do.  He will soon be contacting you with regard to an upcoming Photo Contest.  Lions Clubs International selected environmental service as an activity for Lions Clubs because it believes that the preservation of our natural resources and the improvement of the quality of life are goals toward which all concerned people should strive. 


West Liberty Leo Club


Tom Probst is the Advisor of the West Liberty Leo Club.  This is what’s called an Alpha Club (age 12 to majority).  Tom mentioned that other club advisors include:  His wife Carolyn and Gretchen Little (who Tom says is the creative idea person).  Many of the members are active in school sport/music.  The Leo Club meets on a floating schedule.  Meetings are set up a month in advance to fit most kid’s schedules.  They meet at a local coffee house, after hours, where they can have food, and fun, in an informal atmosphere. 


The club started a point system at the beginning of our Lions Year.  The kids get points for attending meetings, projects and getting in new members.  They have gained (6) new members since doing that and now carry (40) kids on the membership rolls.  They have set certain point levels at which the kids get rewards, such as a t-shirt, movie pass and at year end, a party.  The meeting times are posted in the schools with an open invitation to all students. 


The club has not set any one type of project as the focus of the club.  They have a wide range of age, socio-economic, ethnic and interests among their members. 


For more information on the West Liberty Leo Club, contact Tom Probst at email address:  tcprobst@Lcom.net. 


Secretary Information


Retention is a key factor in the continued success of your club.  On Monthly Membership Reports I receive, when I see members being dropped, these questions come to mind:


ü      If members are dropped for non-payment of dues, have they been billed for the current Lions year? 

ü      If they have, and might be experiencing a financial situation, have arrangements been made to retain those members?

ü      Have these members been involved in club activities on a regular basis?

ü      What are the club procedures when members miss a meeting?  Are they contacted right away?  

ü      Are your club member’s interests being met?  Are their ideas being asked for? 


These are just a few that come to my mind, as I’m sure they have come to yours at one time or another.  By going through this step by step process, it may reduce the number of members who are automatically dropped.  For great ideas on how your club can maintain that high percentage of retention, contact your District Retention Committee Chair, Dick Polansky at:  (563) 659-3098.  Email address:  polansky@willinet.net.


Your opportunity to make a difference in another community


We already know how important Lions are in the community.  We know how much fun we have within our clubs, and how many memories we wouldn’t trade for anything.  Extending the opportunity to other towns is pretty important.  Before an extension can take place, there must be a sponsoring Lions Club and two guiding Lions ready to serve.  Shown below are towns in need of a Lions Club.  Can your club help?  Please contact Keith Whitlatch who will be glad to assist your club in this very important extension effort.  Phone:  (563) 942-6670.  Email:  kwhitl1601@aol.com.


These towns are saying:  WE NEED A LION’S CLUB!!



Please contact Keith right away!


District Points Incentive


Please review the tabulated points that clubs have been awarded in the District Points Contest.  Points may be refigured depending on the supported material supported to me.  It is important that club secretaries mention in their Monthly Membership Report to me, all the activities performed by the club during the month.  If clubs are now doing a newsletter, please submit that along with the monthly report.


The district points are shown after this incentive.


Here’s the incentive which will apply for the remainder of the district points contest which originally was to end April 30, 2005, but I thought why stop there when our Lion Year does not officially end until June 30, 2005.  So, please take note, this contest has been extended until June 30, 2005.  Let’s work together and make things happen in a BIG way!


  1. During the months of November, December and January, the point values will double.
  2. During the months of February, March and April, the point values will triple.
  3. During the months of May & June, the point values will quadruple!


So you can see that all clubs have an excellent chance to go for the gold.  Since retention and growth from the previous year is based on year end, I will calculate these figures based on the June 30, 2005 club membership count.  Don’t give up, the current Lions Year ends June 30, 2005, and the new one begins the next day.


Accept the challenge!                                                         Now                Nov                 Jan                   Mar

                                                                                                            Dec                  Feb                  Apr


or Campus Club 


In the above categories, I give the Club the point values as well as the individual Lion.


                                                                                                                        Now                Pts Possible





District Points for the first quarter (July/August/September):


Region I:                                   8950

Zone I:                                     5300

Zone II:                                    3650


Blue Grass:                               500

Davenport Breakfast:                     1400

Davenport Host:                925

Durant:                         200

Durant Lioness:             675

Muscatine:                                775

Walcott:                                   725

Wilton:                         100


District Points (Continued):


Bettendorf:                               475

Donahue:                                  200

Eldridge:                                   725

LeClaire:                                  300

Long Grove:                             500

Parkview:                                 575

Princeton:                                 875


Region II:                                 11,325

Zone I:                                     6325

Zone II:                                    5000


Bennett:                                    325

Calamus:                                  250

Lost Nation:                             525

Lowden:                                   750

Stanwood:                                2200

Tipton:                                      1725

Wheatland:                               550


Andover:                                  375

Clinton:                         575

Delmar:                                    1000

DeWitt Nite:                             725

DeWitt Noon:                           1650

Goose Lake:                             275

Low Moor:                               400


Region III:                                7900

Zone I:                                     2125

Zone II:                                    3025

Zone III:                                   2750


Alburnett:                                 325

Center Point:                            325

Hiawatha:                                 350

Otter Creek Area:                925

Walker:                                    200


Cedar Rapids Evening:            200

Cedar Rapids Noon:               675

Marion Host:                            750

Marion Noon:                           200


Mechanicsville:             700

Mount Vernon:             300

Springville:                                200


District Points (Continued):


Iowa City Host:                        1100

Iowa City UIHC:              350

Lone Tree:                                600

Oxford:                                    200

West Branch:                            300

West Liberty:                            200



Events you should be aware of


Nov/Dec:            Tipton Club will be selling Christmas Trees in Court Square

Nov 19:            Annual Low Moor Lions Feather Party.  This is a game night with raffle for frozen ducks,

                        Turkeys, Geese and Hams.

Nov 21:            Horse drawn rides in West Liberty, 1-4 p.m.  (Tipton Club)

Nov 30:            Zone Meeting for clubs in Region I, Zones I & II.  Contact:  ZC Tony Hill or ZC Bob


Dec 2:              Horse drawn rides in Mt. Vernon, 5-7:30 p.m.  (Tipton Club)

Dec 3 & 4:            Horse drawn rides in West Branch, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.  (Tipton Club)

Dec 5:              Horse drawn rides in West Branch, 1-4 p.m. (Tipton Club)

Dec 5:              Horse drawn rides in Mechanicsville, 6-8 p.m.  (Tipton Club)

Dec 6:              Mechanicsville Lions Club Christmas Party at Gwens in Lisbon.  Time:  6:30 p.m.

                        Social, 7:00 p.m. Dinner.

Dec 11:            Tipton horse drawn rides & Soup Supper, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

Dec 12:            Horse drawn rides in Eldridge, 6-9 p.m.  (Tipton Club)

Dec 14:            Coming To Your Senses Training in Eldridge for Region I, Zone II Clubs.  Time:

                        6:30 p.m.  Contact:  Tony Hill, Zone Chair, (563) 285-6560.

Dec 16:            Otter Creek Area Lions Club Christmas Party, Elks Club, 801 – 33rd Avenue, SW.

                        Contact:  Norris Gronert, (319) 393-2166.


Hear Ye – Hear Ye!


This is something that is hard to pass up.  The Otter Creek Lions Club has a fantastic cheese sale going on.  Let me give you a small sample of what they have to offer:


ü      20 oz mild cheddar:            $6.50

ü      5 lbs mild cheddar:            $20.00

ü      Mozzarella, 8 oz shredded:  $2.75

ü      Farmers, 2 lb wheel:            $7.50

ü      Baby Swiss, 13 oz:            $5.00


They also have:  Natural Flavored Cheeses (Bacon, Munster, Salami, and Hot Pepper); String Cheese; Cheese Curds; Smoked Cheese; Beef Summer Sausage, and Gift Box Sets.


For a complete listing of items and their prices, contact:  Karen Kirberger, (319) 849-1487.


Keep up the great work District 9 x 9!  You’re pumped and you’re proud, and that is an awesome combination.