District 9 x 9 Newsletter

May 2005

Bob (Doc) Holliday, District Governor

2004 – 2005



Setting up assurances indicates good planning.  It is a good feeling to know that if help or guidance is needed, it will be there.  Such is the case with the Certified Guiding Lion Program.  The course, which is available to any active Lion member, may be taken individually at one’s own pace.  After completion of the course, the Lion should meet with the District Governor, who will go over the Certified Guiding Lion Course Review, a booklet completed by the Lion.  After the District Governor has signed the Review, the Review should be forwarded to the New Clubs and Marketing Department.  Upon receiving the completed Review, the New Clubs and Marketing Department will mail the Lion a special certificate noting the Lion’s achievement as a Certified Guiding Lion.


The course acquaints the participant with detailed knowledge of new club management, the roles and responsibilities of new club officers, how to create a membership recruiting plan, and a guide to project management. 


To order your Certified Guiding Lion Kit contact the New Clubs and Marketing Department by calling:  (630) 571-5466, ext. 306, or by E-Mail:  newclubs@lionsclubs.org.


Certainly the more Certified Guiding Lions we have in our District, the better equipped we are to turn challenges into opportunities.  Let’s have an overwhelming number of District 9 x 9 Lions becoming Certified.  Order your kit today!




As you read in your April Iowa Lion, there are a number of District-Wide Golf Tournaments.  Whether you golf or not, your attendance and participation is needed.  Besides, there’s always something great to eat at these events.  Ask how you can get involved by calling the contact listed.  Bring a friend or two. 




The weather is great and we should be out in it.  The Lions Clubs of District 9 x 9 can all be involved in various environmental projects.  Please make this part of your club’s activities.  Marvin Klebe, your District Environmental Chair, is doing a top-notch job of visiting your clubs, getting out the word and encouraging you to become involved.  I suspect that you will be seeing and hearing more from Marvin during this time of the year.  June 5th is World Environment Day as designated by the United Nations Environment Program.  Be sure to mark this on your calendar as a day to get involved.  Here are some other ideas:



Contact Marvin with any questions you may have.  Phone:  (319) 629-4620.  Email:  mmklebe@hotmail.com.  You’ll be glad you did!


Special May Events


According to Chase’s 2005 Calendar of Events, here are some special events: