District 9 x 9 Newsletter

June 2005

Bob (Doc) Holliday, District Governor

2004 – 2005



It is a time of transition.  One year is nearing its end, and another will quickly begin.  But remember, the year is not yet through.  Review the goals that your club set forth at the beginning of this Lions year to see that they have been met or exceeded.  No loose ends should exist.  It is the perfect time to concentrate on membership growth.  Your June Monthly Membership Report should reflect your club’s best, most concentrated efforts, toward a larger, more effective membership whose service-driven attitude will benefit the community that is depending on you.  There is a rainbow in everyone.  Look to the promise of tomorrow …today, through Lionism.  Give those who are not now Lions the opportunity to become one – ask everyone you know!


Annual Lions Club Activities Report


Secretaries:  This is a report that your club needs to submit to Lions Clubs International before July 15, 2005.  The Form No. is A-1.  One of these forms was given to you in your Secretary’s Packet when you took office at the beginning of the year.  It is also available on-line through the International web site:  www.lionsclubs.org.  Begin completing this form now.  Those projects your club has done, the donations your club has unselfishly given and the combined number of volunteer hours that your club members collectively gave, can be documented on this form.  Talk about this form with your club’s Board of Directors.  When you see areas of service that your club did not participate in or donate to, don’t worry, there is still time before the end of June to do that.  Decide what additional areas can be accomplished and move in that direction.  What better way to exemplify what Lions are all about – WE SERVE!



Lions Supply Catalog


The more often we show our true colors (purple & gold) the better it is.  We should all regularly keep Lions, in whatever form, in the eyes of the public.  Whether it be a vest, hat, coffee mug, accessories or other wearing apparel, it is important to always be seen.  Let everyone around know who the Lions are at all times.  Look through your supply catalog or check it out on-line for those items you need or want.  Consider rewarding your members with tokens of appreciation for their efforts and their friendship.



A Helpful Handout


Lions Clubs International has a very good, pocket-size, handout that can and should be ordered for each of your club members.  This pamphlet (Order No. ME-33) contains:  The Purposes; Lions Code of Ethics; History and Mission Statement.  Order a supply today!



Warm Weather and Good Friends = A Great Time!


Your April Iowa Lion was a wealth of information regarding the upcoming Golf Tour.  Be sure to mark down the dates of each golf event on your calendar.  Whether you golf or not, you can volunteer to ‘chip in’ by helping with some aspect of the event and/or be supportive with your presence and enjoy a great meal at the end.  Supporting these events through your hole sponsorships is important; consider doing that.  As a reminder, here are the upcoming dates and key contacts:



Public Relations


Whatever activities your clubs does, or whatever special recognitions are given or received or those donations given to charity and the less fortunate, be sure to provide your local news media (papers, radio and television) with this information.  Upcoming events should always be mentioned to the papers.  Keep your communities informed on a regular basis.  It wouldn’t hurt to send announcements or flyers to such public places like the local library or community centers.  Anywhere where there is a bulletin board where public notices can be placed is an ideal opportunity to spread the word.  Don’t overlook the E-Mail opportunity as well!





Now is a great time for your club to do an environmental project!  There are numerous possibilities of what can be done.  Involve the general public in your projects.  Make it rewarding.  Contact your District Environmental Committee Chair, Lion Marvin Klebe, to assist you with ideas, planning and implementation.  Call:  (319) 629-4620.  E-Mail:  mmklebe@hotmail.com.





Think about using some of those unspent budget dollars and making one or more donations to support worthy causes.  One stop shopping that would include a great number of these organizations would be to send a donation to the Iowa Lions Foundation.  Any dollar amount would be appreciated.  Questions regarding the Iowa Lions Foundation can be directed to:  Lion Dave Henecke, (319) 851-4411.  E-Mail:  dlelhenecke@juno.com.


Final Thoughts


Reviewing the past year in its entirety and all that has been done in so many areas throughout our district, by so many Lions, makes me proud.  As unique and specific as individuals are, so are individual thoughts and recommendations.  Here are some of mine:


Ø      Whenever Zone, Region, District or State events occur, be sure to have at least one representative from your club in attendance.  More are highly encouraged, but at least have one representative.  That Lion can carry the information and message back to share with the others.

Ø      Even though membership recruitment is every Lions responsibility, strongly consider having one identified as the Membership/Retention Chair.  Increasing club membership should not be taken passively, but should be pursued regularly involving the help of all club members.  Set a goal, plan to meet that goal, take whatever necessary actions need to be taken to meet and hopefully exceed that goal, and once new members are part of your clubs, be sure to give them the proper orientation that is so vitally important.  Make them feel welcome; involve them!

Ø      Take time to enjoy special times with your club members.  After all, social and relaxation time is necessary and very much appreciated.  Get to know your members a little more.  Many times we simply see them at a meeting or a project and that’s it.  They are not only Lions, but friends. 

Ø      Do not hesitate to acknowledge the efforts of your members.  A ‘thank you’ can go a long way.  Show them you are appreciative of the time they volunteered.  Each lion gives what time they are able to give; thank them for that time!

Ø      Use your district cabinet members.  They are there to help you to help others. 

Ø      If you are asked to do a job, chair a project, serve on a committee or fill an office, be responsible and do that job to the best of your ability.  Ask questions when you don’t know the answers.  People are counting on you to fulfill the obligations you accepted.

Ø      Carry a pocket-size calendar wherever you go.  There are a number of upcoming events that you will need to mark down and remind others about.  By the way, Lions calendars can be ordered through the International Lions Supply Catalog!

Ø      Develop a club web site!  This is most important, very easy to arrange and not costly.  This will serve as an invaluable tool for getting out the word to a great majority of people.  It is excellent way of announcing your upcoming events, thanking and recognizing those who have helped.  Get one started before July 1st by contacting Ralph Binnie.  E-Mail:  ralphb@willinet.net.

Ø      Access and use the many resources that the Lions International Web Site has to offer.  Any information you want to know, or materials you want to receive or print off, are on this web site.  Check it out!  www.lionsclubs.org.

Ø      Project ideas that clubs have traditionally used, which may be tried and true, are good to continue.  Additionally, as new members join your club, they may have new ideas that they would like to share with the club – hear them out and consider these ideas as well. 

Ø      With any project or event that is planned, be sure to have a check-off list.  Many important things could slip through the crack.  Not only have your check-off list show the tasks that need to be done, but also who is assigned to each of those tasks and the time frame that they need to be accomplished.

Ø      Support youth.  Does your club have a scholarship established?  What about recognizing such organizations as the:  Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc.  The establishment of more LEO clubs should definitely be a consideration.  Involvement in the Peace Poster Contest should be the goal of every club.  Ordering Peace Poster Kits for next year can be done at this time.

Ø      Training – for your officers – for your members.  It is available and can be arranged through your District Leadership Development Chair.  Management and leadership styles differ from one person to the next.  Success is highly dependent on melding these styles together, getting focused and moving toward a common goal. 


Finally, don’t forget:




Finish out this Lion’s year big, District 9 x 9.  You have it in your power to do it, and you have my confidence in you to do it.


Thank you!


Bob (Doc) Holliday

District Governor

District 9 x 9

2004 - 2005