Bob Holliday, District Governor, District 9x9

2325 Elm Street, Davenport, IA  52803-2302

(563) 322-3602



Issue No. 1 (July 2004)



What can I contribute as a Lion?  How can I make a difference?  What is expected of me?  If these questions are ones that you have asked yourself, let me offer a thought. 



Remember, that a team is composed of more than one.  A team works together to accomplish goals, and by achieving those goals, have made important things happen.


Our district theme this year is, “Sailing To A New Horizon.”  My name is Bob Holliday; please feel free to call me “Doc” if you like.  I want to thank you for allowing me to represent each of you as your District Governor this year.  My wife’s name is Julie and we have twins who will be (16) in August, Tom and Allyson, of whom we are very proud.


Communication is extremely important.  Communication is also a two-way path.  Your cabinet members are there for you to answer questions you may have; to direct you to the many important resources that are available to you as Lions; to encourage you; support you and challenge you.  We feel it is equally important that each of you convey your thoughts, suggestions and concerns to us as they arise.  Timeliness is important.


This year the “Hot Potato” philosophy will be implemented.  Sometimes information gets out and trickles down to only a chosen few, and not necessarily to every Lion as it should.  The “Hot Potato” philosophy means that whenever you receive information on any project, event, meeting or happening as it pertains to Lions, whether it be at your club level, another club, your zone, region or district, that you pass it along to others quickly to as many Lions as you can.  They, in turn, continue to pass this information along in the same manner.


Each month in an extended effort to get information to you, your District Newsletter will be posted on the District Web Site.  How do you get to that web site?  Go to:  Click on “Our State Districts,” then click on District 9x9.  The rest is up to you.  Please explore each of the links on our District Web Site as well as the many others on the State Web Site.  For those who have access to a computer, we encourage you to visit the web site often and print this newsletter for yourself, maybe making a 2nd or 3rd copy for those who do not have computer access, “Hot Potato.”





Club Secretary Excellence Award


For those serving as Club Secretary, we commend you.  You perform an extremely important job.  A major duty is to ensure that your Monthly Activities Report is submitted each and every month by the 5th of the month to the District Governor and to Lions Clubs International.  This can be done by using the form C-23-A which was provided in your Secretary’s packet or on-line with Lions International.  A qualification sheet for this award is provided in this newsletter.


DG Official Visit


Elsewhere in this newsletter, you will see an Official Visit Request Form.  This is provided for your convenience.  I look forward to visiting your club soon.


District Club Contest


Your district will be promoting a club contest.  Every Lion can get involved in many different ways.  Complete information can be found in this newsletter.  Each Lion who participates will be recognized!  Your Club President, Secretary, and District Cabinet all have these Club Contest guidelines.  If you do not receive a copy, just ask, and we’ll make sure you get one.  It’s that important!


More Hands – More Help


WE SERVE – this is not only our motto, but a promise we hold true to ourselves and to our communities.  The more active a club is the healthier a club is.  The more members a club has, the more service it can provide.  Remain active and enthusiastic.  Ask all others to join, and then make a big difference with a big team.  Start now by asking that friend, coworker, neighbor, civic leader or business owner to join today.  Everyone has some time, and whatever that time is that you can share is appreciated and can do wonders for others.


Dates to be aware of




Sep 9-11:         USA/CANADA Leadership Forum, Reno, NV

Sep 19:            Puppy Day at the North Central Correctional Facility, 1-4 p.m.

Oct 14:             Lions World Sight Day

Oct 15:             80th Anniversary, Davenport Host Lions, Holiday Inn, Davenport

Oct 16:             District 9x9 Fall Rally, Holiday Inn, Davenport




Jan 14-16:        Mid-Winter Leadership Conference, Urbandale

Mar 11-12:      District 9x9 Convention

Jun 2-5:            State Convention



DG Agenda


Jul 23-24:         Leader Dog School, Rochester, MI

Jul 30-31:         Council of Governors Meeting, Ames

Aug 14:            District Cabinet Meeting, Davenport

Aug 31:            Region I, Zones I & II, Zone Meeting, Bettendorf

Oct 1-2:           Council of Governors Meeting, Ames

Nov 23:            Official Visit to Stanwood

Feb 8:              Official Visit to Alburnett






What You Need!


An important resource that you undoubtedly will visit many, many times this year, will be the Lions International Web Site.  This has so much to offer that you will truly be amazed.  A couple of the more important, and immediate items you will want to get are the, “Strengthen Your Club Brochure” Order Number PAC-1, and “The Healthy Club Toolbox” Code 1/02.  This is the LARGEST Membership Package ever assembled by Lions.  Both of these, plus countless other helpful and interesting information is yours FREE for the asking.  Visit this website:




The Multiple District (State) Convention held in Mount Pleasant was an overwhelming success!  Past Council Chair and State Convention Chair, Keith Whitlatch and his able team, deserve a BIG hand.  Special recognition was also given to:  PCC Jerry Inman who received the International President’s Award (the 2nd highest award in Lionism); Connie Inman who received a deserved Warren Coleman and Rudolph “Rudy” Arp, III, who received the G.E. “Bud” Klise Leadership Award.  We are very proud of each of these recipients.




On June 5th, our district held a Golf Tournament at Palmer Hills Golf Course in Bettendorf.  Proceeds from this tournament support the Iowa Lions Foundation.  Tournament Chair, PDG Andy Ploehn and his committee members:  Lance Heuer, Ken Thompson, Leon Frick, PDG Dick Polansky, Julie Hoffmier, PID Norm Dean, Jerry Starbuck, PDG Loren Claussen and Bob Holliday, are truly to be commended for their efforts to bring this project to a successful conclusion.  At last report, it appears that the tournament generated a profit of about $5,900.  Thank you to all the volunteers, golfers and sponsors without whom this significant event would not have been possible.




Peace Poster:  Order your Peace Poster Kit now!  Every club should participate and offer its area youth the opportunity to express their vision of world peace.  This year’s theme, “Give Peace a Chance.”  The kit number is PPK-1.  Club secretaries should have the order form (PR 785).  If not, go to the Lions International Web Site to place your order today.  Your District Committee Chair, for any questions you have, is:  Clara Cook, PO Box 291, Center Point, IA  52213.  Phone:  (319) 849-1874.  Email:


Essay Contest:  We will also be actively promoting a district essay contest to support literacy.  The topic will be:  “What is Good and True of the Red, White & Blue.”  Since we have (50) stars on our flag, and we are district 9 (of 9x9), the minimum word requirement will be (450).   Details will be forthcoming.  The winning essay and all those who participated will be announced at our District Convention in March, 2005.