District 9 x 9 Newsletter

December 2004

Bob (Doc) Holliday, District Governor

2004 - 2005














Membership:  Individual Lions gathering together to have fun and do good things for the community.  That’s what it’s all about.  Making each member feel wanted and needed is crucial.  Since individual members join for individual reasons, there is a definite need to find out what their interests are and to make sure those interests are being met.


If members are happy and involved, they want to stay, and they want to invite others to join.  Retention is the key to a healthy club. 


Box Number 1 shows the healthy club I am referring to.  Box Number 2 might give an indication of what may come to pass if conditions are less than satisfactory. 


Don’t box yourself in.  Keep retention as a major focus of your club.  Contact PDG Dick Polansky, District Retention Committee Chair, to speak to your club.  Phone:  (563) 659-3098.  Email:  Polansky@willinet.net. 


WE SERVE … Youth and Children!


The first part of this heading is what we as Lions do … We Serve.  This is automatic to us, and where there is a need or a perceived need, we just take care it.  Service takes on many different forms.  One of these is support and promotion of youth and children.  This area should be included on each club’s goal list.  During 2004-2005, International President Clement F. Kusiak is asking Lions around the world to Share Success Through Service by reaching out to young people and children. 


Lions clubs that share their success by providing service opportunities and recognition for young people are eligible to receive a Share Success Through Service Banner Patch.  The banner patch will be awarded to Lions Clubs that initiate at least one new youth or children’s activity or significantly expand an existing activity.  Here are some areas that your club can involve itself in:



For more information go to:  www.lionsclubs.org.  Your Regional/Zone Chairs also have the Banner Patch Application Form.


Please strongly consider reaching out – I’m sure you’ll find a hand reaching back!


Your Honor to a Memory!


Someone in your life, past or present, some deed; event, honor or due recognition has made a memorable impression on you.  Preserve that memory for all time and for all to see, by purchasing a memorial brick through the Iowa Lions Foundation.  These bricks would be used to build a memorial on the grounds of the Iowa Lions State office building in Ames, Iowa.  Funds received will be used to further fund the programs supported by the Iowa Lions Foundation.  The Memorial Brick is available in different sizes for various contributions:



Be part of the increasing number of clubs in District 9 x 9 who are rallying in support of this important project.  To order one or more bricks, please get in touch with your District Foundation Trustee, Dave Henecke at:  (319) 851-4411.  Email:  dlelhenecke@juno.com.


Service to a greater degree


You’ve acquired talent and experience, and have a few ideas that you would like to share with a team of others.  You have an interest in serving in a different capacity on a higher level.  If this sounds like you, please let VDG Donna Austin Schultz know.  She is in the process of forming a cabinet for the 2005-2006 Lions year and would be interested in those Lions who genuinely have an interest in sharing their leadership skills with others on the district level.  You can contact Donna at:  (319) 337-7993.  Email:  rxdonna@aol.com.


Tis the Season!


It’s the season where we open up our hearts, in hope that this season of peace and joy continues each day of the year.  We take more time to be thoughtful and generous, and to do the kind acts we do, not because they are expected, but because we want to do them, knowing that it will make those around us happy.


Lions are like that.  They search for the overlooked and forgotten; they search for the neglected; they attempt to turn apathy and ignorance into empathy and enlightenment.


This we gladly do to make a better community, a better world for us all.  As Lions, we are our community’s present, given freely, each and every day, every day of the year.




Check out your district website regularly; you’ll never know what you might see.  Alan Heinen is doing an excellent job.  How do you get there?  Here’s the steps you need to take:  Step 1:  Go to:  www.iowalions.org.  Step 2:  Click on “Our State Districts”, Step 3:  Click on “9x9 on the State of Iowa” and Step 4:  Click on “Visit the District 9x9 website.”  You are there!   Tell everyone.  Print the information you find there; share it with others.


New Year’s Resolution


Is there a promise made?  How serious are you when making a promise and how much conviction do you have to see it through?  Many times we look at this as an opportunity to change our mind if we don’t feel we’re making progress; if we think our efforts are not worthwhile, if we give up before our goal is reached.  Traditionally, January 1st begins this process, but as Lions, our New Year corresponds with our Lion’s year which is July 1st.  When goals were set at the beginning of the Lions year, and plans discussed on how those goals would be met, where do you now stand as far as keeping your promise?  Is your club on track to meet its goals?  If not, has your club made adjustments to catch up, hopefully surpass the meeting of those goals?  A Lion’s promise, a “resolution if you will” affects more than just the individual who made it; it affects all club members and it affects your community.  This is a great time to determine where your club stands, and where you pledged you wanted to stand.  Follow your goals and it will lead to success.


Just the Facts!


Details are forthcoming about the upcoming District 9x9 Convention, but for now, put March 11-12, 2005 on your calendars.  The Muscatine Club will host this year’s convention which will be at the Holiday Inn in Muscatine.  There will be great food, great friends, great fun, entertainment, awards and a great keynote speaker, ID Richard Chaffin.  You’ll definitely want to attend this event!  Once the complete facts are known, a registration form will be printed in The Iowa Lion. 




Welcome New Members!!


Davenport Breakfast Club:  Connie Newton – Sponsored by Jay Schweer

Davenport Breakfast Club:  Edward Swan – Sponsored by Craig Shoemaker

DeWitt Noon:  Tony McAvan – Sponsored by Leo McGarry

DeWitt Noon:  William Hendricks – Sponsored by Chad Bird

DeWitt Noon:  Ryan Eberhart (Reinstated)

DeWitt Noon:  James Richmond (Reinstated)

Eldridge Club:  Nate Wisehart – Sponsored by Jan Veldhuis-Kroeze

Hiawatha Club:  Greg Wertzberger – Sponsored by Larry Sheppard

Iowa City UIHC:  Tony Melton – Sponsored by Lori Short

LeClaire Club:  Ed Merritt – Sponsored by Rex Salthun

Lone Tree Club:  Dawn Thompson – Sponsored by Wayne Morgan

Long Grove Club:  Greg Mostaert

Princeton Club:  Michael Kernan – Sponsored by David Fanning

Tipton Club:  Michael Boyle – Sponsored by Robert Suchomel

Tipton Club:  Blanche Ahrens

West Branch Club:  David Sloan – Sponsored by Collin Cook

West Branch Club:  James Wheeler – Sponsored by Denise Wheeler


Are you trained?


Coming To Your Senses (CTYS) is a MUST project for each Lions Club to become involved with.  It does so much for children and is extremely well received by the community.  The more who receive training, the better it is.  If you are not now trained but would like to be so that you can get your club involved in this project, contact Coming To Your Senses, District Committee Chair, LaVerne Arp at:  (563) 381-2726.  Email:  Laverne-arp@webtv.net.


Klise/Whitten Award Nominations Needed


You know the deadline:  January 31, 2005.  You know where club nominations need to go:  VDG Donna Austin Schultz, 79 Ealing Drive, Iowa City, IA  52246.  Every club has previously been given the nomination criteria and submission forms.  AND each club definitely has a worthy Lion who can be nominated in each of these categories!  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give special recognition to someone who really deserves it.  Please make your submissions soon!


Mid-Winter Event


There will be a Silent Bid Auction at Mid-Winter, which will be held at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel in Des Moines, January 14-16, 2005.  The spouses of the District Governors are preparing theme baskets for this event.  A number of clubs have already done so, but if your club has not, and would consider supporting this event with a donation of $5.00 to offset the cost of these baskets, please make your check payable to:  Julie Holliday and mail it to:  2325 Elm Street, Davenport, Iowa  52803-2302.  Your participation would be very much appreciated.