District 9x9 Newsletter

August 2004

Bob (Doc) Holliday, District Governor




They are depending on us!  Who are they?  They refers to our community and our club members.  Our clubs involve themselves in service projects throughout the year.  Some of these projects have taken place year after year just like clockwork.  Successful projects are like that.  Not only do the club members look forward to getting involved, but the public is keenly aware of when these projects will take place and what to expect. 


It is important to note too that there may be community needs that clubs may be unaware of.  In order to be in tune with meeting those community needs, clubs are encouraged to conduct a Community Needs Analysis from a wide cross-selection of the public to find out just what those special needs are.  


Speaking of the needs analysis, it is equally important to conduct a club survey as well to see if your members’ needs are being met.  Retention is a critical factor.  Some questions might be:  What are your member’s expectations?  Are they being met?  Do they want to get involved in a specific area or function?  Are they having fun?  I’m sure that there are other questions that come to mind.  Now is the time to address this in your clubs.  Hesitation is not a recommended option.


Notable Notes:


ü      Please consider sending me anniversary and birthday information, as well as club activities and photos.  I will try my best to accommodate all submissions.  If photos are submitted, please let me know if you would like them returned. Also, be sure to identify those in the photo and the activity the photo was taken at.

ü      District Club Contest:  Every club and every member can get involved.  Details were provided in the July newsletter.  If you haven’t yet begun, now is the time.

ü      Perhaps your club produces its own newsletter.  If so, congratulations – way to go.  That is an excellent communications tool for your members.  For those clubs not now producing one, I would encourage that, and in addition, think about furthering the extent by arranging to have a district website.  PDG Dick Polansky, Dewitt Noon Club, would be an excellent contact to get your club involved.  He can be reached at telephone number:  (563) 659-3098 or by email at:  polansky@willinet.net.  Each lion also receives a copy of The Lion Magazine from International Headquarters and The Iowa Lion from our State Office.  When you are finished reading these, please don’t discard them.  Consider instead of donating them to reception room areas where the public can readily see and appreciate what Lions do, both in their communities and throughout the world.  On the address label, why not mention a club contact for those interested in joining.  Going one step farther, consider sending these magazines to those service men and women who would really appreciate a ‘pick me up’ of positive information.

ü      Club Visitations:  Clubs in neighboring towns are so far anymore.  Share the friendship of other lions by visiting other clubs.  Gain new insight on projects, compare notes and make new friends.  All in all, it’s a win/win approach.

ü      Congratulations are in order to the Blue Grass Lions Club and Evelyn Troyer.  There was an article in the Leader Newspaper citing that they were honored at the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Appreciation Luncheon.  Evelyn was named Blood Drive Coordinator of the Year, and the Blue Grass Club was honored for sponsoring blood drives for (28) years and collecting (2,492) units.  Thank you for your dedicated service!

ü      Another very special honor and thanks goes out to the Mechanicsville Lions Club for establishing the Lisbon Branch Club of Mechanicsville Club.  The Branch Liaison is Peter Anderson; the Branch Coordinator is Patricia Bielema and the Branch Vice Coordinator is Donna Nevins.  District 9x9 welcomes you and offers its support in Sailing To A New Horizon in Lionism.  Thank you to everyone involved for investing your time and effort in bringing the Lions message to others.

ü      Lion Richard P. Chaffin, from Multiple District 24, Lions of Virginia, was elected International Director at the 87th International Convention and will be the keynote speaker for our District Convention in March, 2005.


Stamp Collectors:


Did you know that Lions can join the Lions International Stamp Club (LISC)?  The group formed during the 34th Lions International Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey in 1951.  Melvin Jones was an avid stamp collector and a charter member of LISC.  The purpose of LISC is to foster and develop the avocation of stamp collecting among Lions, Leos, Lionesses and their families and to increase international goodwill among Lions.  Members can participate in activities such as stamp exchanges and used stamp collection programs for charitable and community service.  Some of the current service projects are:



Each member receives “The Philatelist,” a quarterly newsletter that includes articles on Lions stamps and covers together with many offers to members.


For more information about LISC, contact: 


Secretary LISC

Lion John Bargus

304 – 2777 Barry Road


British Columbia

VOR 2PO, Canada




The USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum of the International Association exists for the purpose of educating men and women throughout the United States and Canada in leadership skills.  The goal of this education program is to develop and strengthen membership in Lions Clubs throughout these geographic areas to better serve the humanitarian needs of the community, developing Leadership at the Club, District and International levels.  The goal is to help Clubs operate more effectively, and to strengthen their membership and attract new members, as well as expanding all service programs throughout the United States and Canada.  The 28th Annual Leadership Form will take place September 9-11, 2004 in Reno, Nevada.  For those who are interested in attending, please let me know, I have registration forms and information.


Dates of Interest




-         August 14, District Cabinet Meeting, Davenport

-         August 20, District 9x9 Support at Iowa State Fair Booth

-         August 31, Region I, Zones I & II, Zone Meeting, Palmer Hills, Bettendorf

-         September 9-11, USA/Canada Leadership Forum, Reno, NV

-         September 21, PDG Association Meeting

-         October 15, 80th Anniversary, Davenport Host, Holiday Inn, Davenport

-         October 16, Fall Rally, Davenport Holiday Inn, Davenport

-         November 18, DG Official Visit, Tipton Lions Club

-         November 23, DG Official Visit, Stanwood Lions Club




-         January 14-16, Mid-Winter Convention, Urbandale, IA

-         February 8, DG Official Visit, Alburnett Lions Club

-         March 11-12:  District 9x9 Convention, Muscatine Lions Club will host

-         June 2-5, State Convention, Fort Dodge, IA


Opportunity Awaits


The Emerging Lions Leadership Institute for Lions in USA, its affiliates, Bermuda, The Bahamas and Canada will be offered in Oak Brook, Illinois, November 11-15, 2004.  It is a valuable opportunity to build on skills that enhance the leadership qualities at the club level, particularly the position of club president. 



This institute is designated as an Emerging Lions Leadership Institute and is targeted to Lions in good standing with eight years or less of membership who have successfully served on a club committee and who have not yet attained the level of club president.  Charter club presidents are also eligible for this institute.  Details and an application form are available through your zone & region chairs.  The completed application forms should be returned by the deadline date of August 27, 2004.


Help Out Our Youth


Your district is looking for an interested Lion who wants to make an impact in the lives of children.  There are several different positions that are now open and need someone like you to take an active and enthusiastic interest in making a difference.  These positions are:



There is also an immediate need for these team player district positions:



Those who may be interested may contact me at:  (563) 322-3602 or by email at:  YncCpo@aol.com.


I will be glad to provide you with the duties, responsibilities and expectations of any of these important positions.  Please think about serving in one of these capacities.  It would most certainly be appreciated.


There are Lions in your neighborhood!!


Don’t be afraid.  Only be afraid if the world had no Lions.  No Lions to be there when needed.  To pitch in when times are tough.  To meet new people and have fun. To make those lifelong friends.  To do what you can, whenever you can, and as often as you can.  To make that importance difference!


Lions International has a wealth of information, brochures and videos available for your use.  By contacting them on the website:  www.lionsclubs.org, you will find that they will be happy to provide you with what you are looking for.


As you go around the neighborhoods throughout your community, take this information with you as a ready handout for those prospective members.  Perhaps you may decide to make up an informational flyer yourself about your club, inviting them to a prospect night to find out more about an organization that they have already heard about which does so many good things, so many places, here and around the world.  You are giving your neighbors a wonderful opportunity to make a big difference.  The sooner you begin, the more time these prospective Lions will have to enjoy what each of us already enjoys.