Rolling Stock for the Iowa Central


Steam is slowly beginning to dominant the railroad as manufactures continue to produce nice running, affordable, engines that fill the needs of the IaC. 2-8-0's and 2-8-2s will be the dominant power, with 2-6-2s. 4-6-0s and 4-6-2s providing additional motive power. Nice quality 1st generation diesel are also prevalent, with Alco RS-1s, EMD FTs,F3s, E7s, and GE 44 tonners represented. Over 40 locomotives are equipped with DCC decoders. Locomotives can be found from the following manufactures: Lifelike-PK2000, Stewart, Bachman Spectrum, Atlas, Walthers, Model Die Casting, Mantua, Athearn, as well as some early brass. A few odd ball items can be found on the shelves.

Freight cars:

Freight rolling stock ranges from inexpensive shake-the-box to a few brass pieces. In the past I scratchbuilt or assembled craftsman wood kits from companies like Central Valley. Today plastic kits from Accurail, Lifelike, Walthers Train Miniatures, Athearn, Model Die Casting, still dominate the roster. But high quality plastic kits from Lifelike PK2000, Red Caboose, Intermountain, Branchline, AMB and others. A nice collection of resin kits are awaiting assembly as my interest in freight cars increases. There are currently over 500 cars on the layout or on the shelves.

Passenger Equipment:

Many of my passenger runs are made using Bachman Doodlebugs, sometimes towing a trailer as was common on the M&StL. However a variety equipment is on hand for full passenger trains. Primarily it consists of AHM/Rivarossi heavy weight cars mixed with a few Athearn and MDC heavyweights. Craftsman kits are represented by the very nice LaBelle wood heavyweight cars. While based upon Milwaukee Road prototypes, these are very nice wood kits. A few of the new Branchline plastic kits are on the shelves awaiting assembly. Head end cars dominate due to the lack of paying customers.