Iowa Central Operations

Operating sessions on the Iowa Central were held for over six years, when possible on a montly schedule. Special Sessions were arranged for special visitors. Plans are to be operating again in the near future.

Here is how Operations were conducted:

Car movements are controlled by a car card waybill system. All car cards, waybills, and related paperwork are patterned after the Old Rail Graphics brand car card system. The design has been modified and all paperwork created on the Iowa Central's main (read home) computer. All car cards are labeled using clear address labels printed with car data via a database inventory of all rolling stock. A fast clock has been installe. Timetables and trainsheets for used for precise control of train movements. Data has been entered and waybills are starting to be created using ShenWare's “Waybill” program written by Peter White. His website is:


A dispatcher's desk,shown at right, uses a magnetic board with a track schematic for tracking train movements. The schematic was done on the computer using a CAD system. A prototypical TrainSheet is now being use by the Dispatcher. It was designed in a spreadsheet and is very helpful to the dispatcher. Thanks to Mark Amfar who provided the initial spreadsheet file for a train sheet which we used to create our own.


 For additional information on operations and how they can inhance your model railraod experience go to the Op Sig home page OpSig


Below is are samples of various car cards, waybills, and special inserts used on the Iowa Central and other railroads in what is known as "CC&WB" operations.