Iowa Central Railroad
An HO Scale Model Railroad

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Iowa Central.


Iowa Central's History 

Railroad Construction 

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Track Schematic


IaC Management

IaC Management checks on Operations during working hours.

This railroad was designed and built by Douglas Harding

with assistance and advice from Kurt Stoebe of the Wyoming Central.

Track plan - there is no track plan drawing. The Railroad is a linear design with track layout influenced by Sanborn Fire Insurance maps and authentic Railroad maps. A study of the schematics and the benchwork drawings, along with the photos should give you a good idea of the track plan.

The drawings were drawn in Turbo Cad 7 and are placed here in .jpg format so everyone can access them. If you are unable to access the following drawings please contact the IaC management.

 The Iowa Central track schematics

The benchwork drawing shows the layout in a former location, which was a 24'x50' basement. The railroad relocated into a large empty basement, 28'x60' where it is was reassembled, expanded and operated for four years. It now resides in a 28'x29' basement that is only partially usable. Compression, compromses and deletions are in process. Most benchwork is up.

The standard size for the sections shown is 6' long and 24" or 30" wide.

NOTICE: The Iowa Central relocated to Keosauqu, Iowa in June of 2010. The photos below are from a previous move and show what I call my 

"Layout Kit".

Click on the photo for a larger image.

Layout Sections waiting assembly

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MSTL info

Op Sig

Layout Design Sig

M'town bare

Progress is being made: Marshalltown is up and running - Dec 2006.

More to come.

MarshalltownMarshalltown in Jan 1007