With a multicolored green truck some sanding was done with an orbital sander to smooth out the different layers of paint. My theory is that paint is what kept this truck from rusting. I wanted to keep the paint that was there as long as it was green. There was a few nicks and scratches that I filled with some kind of filler, I always called it thick primer. It comes in a big tube and squirts out like toothpaste. I filled some of the imperfections but was not trying for a perfect job, just a decent job. After sanding wiped entire vehicle down with reducer (type of paint thinner). The paint, I again went to the military vehicle mailing list and asked for more help on paint selection and mixture. A lot of people were happy with Gilespie and one person thought it needed hardener, because he thought paint was a little too easy to scratch. I emailed him and he gave me a mixture of 8:1:1:1 (8parts paint, 1 part hardener, 1 part reducer, 1 part flattener) the hardener makes darker color and shinier, so flattener brought back to what I started with. I am no painter, but paint was very forgiving and I only had time for one coat. It was painted outside and some of it in the dark with a drop light in hand paint gun in other, and it still looks good (no kidding). The paint matched the interior of the box perfect (which was original paint). This was the night before a tractor show that had MV's as a guest display. The windshield frame was still red and the headlight buckets too. I rough sanded them and used a spray can of 24087 OD green to get them close. reassembled and took to show. After show I never got to the second coat, hopefully this spring I will get it done along with the inside of box and a little in the cab. Next project was seats. They were shot. I ordered seat covers from New Life Resource. I stripped the seats down to springs, wire brushed them by hand and used a lot of black Rustoleum paint to cover them. I bought some blue fiber filter media to replace the horse hide, and found some one inch foam in my basement, the foam on the passenger side bottom seemed ok. The seats were tie on, with eyelets so I figured I could add more foam or better foam if needed. Fairly simple process. 

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