After a few more test runs, cleaning the plugs a couple times. I decided that I had a keeper. Mechanically ok, though the brakes needed bleeding. The engine sounded good, so I decided to work on the color. After checking around on sand blasting. I considered disassembling the whole truck and giving it the ground up restoration. The body was in excellent shape no rust except a couple small pinholes inside the tool box. Then it dawned on me that it could be a life long project and I wanted to get the truck out and show it. After hearing some rumors about removing layers of paint with a heated pressure washer, I pulled off the tailgate and did some experimenting. The place I work at has a 2500 psi heated pressure washer. The water set hot and as high as it would go would remove a baseball sized spot in 5 minutes. It would take a year and 1 million gallons of water to complete this. I was happy that it removed mostly the red and left some green without going to the metal. I then tried a 3500 psi cold water pressure washer with about the same results. Then someone in our club told me that when he had his done they had a turbo or rotating nozzle (made I think to clean concrete). I found one cheap at a surplus second hand store ($30) and tried it on the 3500 psi cold. Worked better but still needed heated water. Took the nozzle and tailgate back to work and it worked very well with the 2500 psi and hot as I could get it 200 deg. F (almost steam). I think 3500 psi heated would work great, but after checking into rental prices, I decided it worked good enough with what I had. I made a couple trips to my work place on Saturdays and this is the result after the first trip, if you look inside the box it is still red, got that on the second trip. You can see different layers of green this was sanded smooth and then painted. I removed any small items rear fenders, military lights (not needed for driving), front of box, tailgate, running boards, jerry can holder, mirror, reflectors, ect... Had them sandblasted and primed except for lights. Remember to take pictures of the markings this may be the only link to the history of your truck.


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