I have a list of some of the towns our members are located. I do not want to put members names on our website, but if you live near one of these locations we can get you together to discuss the benefits of membership. I will also try to give some information on our group and what the benefits are. There will also be information on the International membership to the MVPA. If you need more information, please email me.

List of Members Towns in Iowa

Ainsworth, Albert City, Boone, Buffalo Center, Cedar Rapids, Collins, Clear Lake, Cumming, Dallas Center, Dallas Center, Davenport, Decorah, Des Moines, Dubuque, George, Grimes, Griswold, Huxley, Indianola, Marion, Marshalltown, Montezuma, Moscow, Osceola, Ottumwa, Oxford, Percival, Roland, Salix, St. Charles, Storm Lake, Sigourny, Van Meter, Waterloo, West Des Moines.

What advantages are there in the Iowa branch of MVPA?

If you like Military Vehicles, wouldn't you like to be around other people with a similar opinion? At meetings there is always discussions of who found what parts, or saw a old Military Vehicle out in the woods, or maybe they were not happy with a parts vendor of surplus parts. The events are what I enjoy. I have never served in the military, but always had a huge respect for Veterans especially combat Veterans of the United States of America. The joy these people have looking and discussing these old vehicles is priceless. I just wish my memory was better to relay those stories in the same detail. It is also fun to educate children on the equipment and stories of these times. Let's not forget War time factory workers that produced a parts or vehicles for our troops, also many other people who supported our country. The Vehicles are perfect for someone like me, because they don't have to be perfect and many field modifications were made so almost anything is appropriate. You don't have to fix all the dents and nicks (though some do, to get a fresh from the factory look), because they are part of the history of the vehicle. There is no magic to join just good people and good times. We also have a newsletter that goes out monthly it keeps our long distance members in touch with group.

Can I be a member and not own a Military Vehicle?

Yes, if you are thinking about buying a vehicle there is a wealth of knowledge in our group. Advice is always free and sometimes that is what it's worth. Many of our members have good and bad experiences with all types of vehicles, that can help you on a purchase or deciding what type of vehicle you want. If you own Military items and would like to display them at events this is also great, many of our members have displays that go with there era of vehicle and we welcome even non members to participate, or maybe you just enjoy being around the vehicles and would like to be a part of the group.

What is a Military Vehicles?

Anything used by any branch of any military in the world for moving stuff (people, guns equipment, ect.) on the ground (this could be bicycles to tank retrievers). These can be from pre-WW1 to present.

How much does the membership cost?

$15 currently for local chapter

$20 for Comercial (advertised in Newsletter)

Do I have to Join The International?

No, currently you can join only the local chapter only, if you wish. You become an Associate member to our group. I think in time you will want to join the national.

Tell me more about the International  MVPA?

I will let them explain it by their web site. It is on our Links page or MVPA (click here)