This a my 1952 3/4 ton Dodge Cargo Truck. It was purchased from an Fire Department in July of 1998. It was still 24 volt with military lights. Biggest problem was going from Fire Truck Red to 24087 Olive Drab. The Fire Dept. drove it into a shed and parked for 3 years and it had not been started. I used a borrowed trailer to get it home. I am on the Military Vehicles Mailing List (which is an email based forum). I posted a question about what they would do about a truck sitting for so long? The answer I ended up using was to remove the spark plugs and put in a small amount of Marvel Mystery Oil in each cylinder. Then fill the whole block with enough cheap SAE 30 weight oil to be over the camshaft which is on the side of the motor. Let it soak for a week, hoping to loosen any stuck rings and get lubrication back on cam and rods.  I drained all extra oil (a week later), filled to proper amount and started. No problems, although I hoped the smoke was from the mystery oil I dumped into the plug holes, and in a couple minutes I found out it was, (because the exhaust started to clear). I don't think you could see the truck from all the smoke. On initial test drive found brake pedal was just something that got in the way while I tried to down shift to slow down. I was in the drive way and had not gone 50 feet. A little brake fluid and I was able to actually use the pedal to slow down, but not an emergency stop.



This is my Truck July 1998 the day I brought it home.

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