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Sorry, This site is under reconstruction after a couple years of neglect. I am working on it. Mike

This site is to inform you of our group and there events. We are a non-profit organization, that covers the whole state of Iowa (well most of it). All vehicles are currently individually owned. We have kicked around the idea of getting a group project, but haven't got any further than discussing it. We are always interested in new or potential members, vehicle or military parts, manuals, uniforms, stories, or anything related to our hobby


Our Mission


On April 19, 1997, exactly 131 years after the original First Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Cavalry was mustered out of service, a group of individuals sat down and organized a new group of volunteers. This time not as a fighting unit, but a historical organization, dedicated to preserving the past in order to educate the present. By rescuing, restoring, and refurbishing historic military vehicles and other forms of transport from all eras up to the present, and then displaying them at various functions, parades, we are able to preserve the memories of those who built, served, fought, and died for our great nation. just like the troops in the original First Iowa Cavalry, we are volunteers, providing our own mounts and equipage and dedicated to preserving our nations heritage.



Contact Information

The Iowa Chapter of Military Vehicle Preservation Association (First Iowa Cavalry (M)) holds monthly meeting at Iowa Army National Guard's Camp Dodge (located in Johnston, Iowa) every third Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in building W-8. Meetings are moved to events when it is possible. We have no office or dedicated phone for our group, so if you need more information please email me and I will get back to you. 

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