Old Toolin'

Because ya never know what you might find...

What is my motivation for this page?

Or to put it bluntly, who the heck am I and what do I get out of this?

My name is Tad Anhalt and I'm a Galoot. And an unrepentant one at that. ;)

You see, I have this "problem." My ISP gave me a ton of space for a web page and I don't really have anything of my own to put up.

I used to donate the space to the Iowa Bonsai Association, but they've found thier own spot now. Of course, shortly after they moved, my ISP doubled the amount of space allocated to me.

"Not a problem," sez I after seeing some fellow Galoots struggle with figuring out this computer thing. Why not provide a place (and a small amount of my time) in the attempt to get some more oldtools related "stuff" on the web.

It's a win-win situation. I get to play with computers (something I like) and you get to surf cool oldtools related stuff (something we both like).

So send me an email and lets talk about how to get some of your projects/tools/whatever online.

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