Old Toolin'

Because ya never know what you might find...

Egads, wish I would have known about paddylac when I built this.

Side Table

Walnut side table. Drawer and slides are hard maple with the bottom of 1/2" thick hard maple (one piece, no glue-up required). Both front and back are hand dovetailed (my first attempt) and the bevel on the bottom panel was done with a Stanley #5. Sides are tenoned and pegged with the two side aprons having through tenons to the front and rear. The knob and backing plate are antiques found at Salvage-One in Chicago IL.

Unfortunately, the picture does not show this well, but the drawer front and the top and bottom drawer-frames are cut from the same piece of walnut so the grain is a perfect match. The top is three pieces joined and the grain is matched reasonably well, I elected to leave the color contrast alone.

All surfaces were smoothed with hand planes (Stanley #4 and #601/2 for the most part) and given three coats of Watco danish oil. The first of Medium Walnut, the rest Natural. The maple drawer parts recieved one coat of Watco Natural followed by Johnson's paste wax for lubrication.

I apologise in advance for how dark these pictures turned out.

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