Fine Tool Building

Because sometimes when you need a good tool, ya just gotta make it yourself...

The following was submitted by Charles Rodgers.

This shows the router resting on a scrap of mahogany that I tested it on. Using the 1/8" cutter, I ran a rabbet both with and across the grain. It worked quite well. As shown, it has the small fence, ~1-1/4", installed. I forgot to include the two larger fences ( one straight & one curved) in the photo. These two fences are probably around 2-1/2" long. In the relatively soft mahogany, I would turn the depth adjuster about 1/4 turn after each pass. Because of the shape and function of the cutters, the result is a rabbet with nice, crisp "arrises". The shape leading edge of the cutter resembles that of the cutter in a round plane. Only the outside edges of the cutter contact the wood, scoring it so that the following edge, shaped like a chisel, cleanly removes the waste between the parallel scored lines. It only took me a couple of minutes to do each rabbet to a depth of about 1/4", which would be enough for inlaying.

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