My Mustang

16+ years and no end in sight.

The first rebuild.

Look at those shiny whitewalls...

The guy I bought this car from was drag racing it every weekend. He was supposedly selling it because he blew up the 289 and the replacement 302 just wasn't very fast. Would you want to ride this thing through the traps? Darwin candidate? You be the judge.

The AM radio works. Aftermarket air is a real bonus ;)

You can tell this is a hot drag car by the extra long shackles. There's been some subtle lightening done to the back end as well.

Preparing for the prom.

Notice the strategically placed gas can. Luckily things never got quite bad enough to use it.

This seems to be the only surviving picture of the "finished car".

Everything you see here was done in this driveway. We welded in the frame/torque boxes/quarter panels and shot the 10+ coats of acrylic laquer pretty much right where she sits.