Old Toolin'

Because ya never know what you might find...
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Old tool resources

The Electronic Neanderthal is definately one of those "must see" sites if you're into tools.

Ralph Brendler is not only a great guy, but he also maintains the OLDTOOLS FAQ

Tom Price has a page dedicated to tracking his slide down the slippery slope.

Stuff to sneak past SWMBO

Paddy O' when not playing list mom, manages to run a business on the side. The second SWMBO gets a look at how great bug-spit looks, you'll never have to sneak it in again. Of course, that means you've actually got to finish a project. Life is so unfair at times...

Pete Taran, maker of one of the sweetest modern dovetail saws I've come across, is back with some pretty spiffy stuff.

Patrick Leach sells some really primo new tools and is a real stand-up guy when it comes to the old ones too. Check out his "Blood and Gore" page for some of the best hand plane information on (or off) the net.

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