Fine Tool Building

Because sometimes when you need a good tool, ya just gotta make it yourself...

The following was submitted by Steve Knight.

Hopefully you already know Steve because you've seen (or been lucky enough to use) one of his planes. If not, go here and see what you've been missing.

Hand Plane

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This is a picture by picture page to show how I build a typical smoothing plane. some of these idea's are not practical to try but it will give you a good idea.

for more instructions and drawings on makign a classical Krenov plane follow this link

Here is the main block and the sole piece and the ebony block

Here is the main body with the back cut to fit in the ebony block.

Here I am gluing on the sole and the ebony block.

here is the main block after the clamps are removed and it is been squared up.

This step is critical. the sides need to be very square with the sole. the top is not real important. Now this is hard to do without a belt sander. and even then it takes some work. do not skimp on this or you will regret it later on.


This is what happens when the sides are not square. and even then it happens sometimes. it is critical that you get the iron ramp square. do not skimp on this part.

nice and square. notice the block on my fingers. this is what gorilla glue does to your fingers.

here is the plane with the iron ramp and the throat block cut. the angles are up to you. I usually do the throat block at 45 degrees.

here is the throat block drilled for the threaded inserts. these holes match the slots in the mouth block.

here the threaded inserts are driven in with a brace. best tool I have found to do it. You need to use a grade 5 or higher bolt or it will twist off. don't ask me how I know this.

here I am cutting the slots for the wedge. I use a jig to make it accurate. It is very hard to get both sides to match without this jig. I have one for every angle I make the planes in.

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