Fine Tool Building

Because sometimes when you need a good tool, ya just gotta make it yourself...

The following was submitted by Steve Knight.

Hopefully you already know Steve because you've seen (or been lucky enough to use) one of his planes. If not, go here and see what you've been missing.

Hand Plane

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here are both sides with the slots cut in them.

here I am cleaning out the slots with a paring chisel. one side you do it from the small end to the large the other is just the opposite.

Here is the plane ready to glue up. it does not matter the sides are too high.

here is the glue up. I am using gorilla glue and lots of clamps. be sure the sole is flush with the bottom of the sides.

Top view.

here is the plane with the top trimmed. ready to plane.

The plane planed.

the sole with the sides chamfered.

View of the front end.

Plane going into the dip to stabilize it. without this I would not use  another wood for the sole.

plane coming out of the oil. The blurred spot is a drop that got on the lens Gurr.

the plane is put into the sawdust brushed off then left there overnight. This leaches all the excess out.

here is the plane finished click here  Buy it ... click here

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