Old Toolin'

Because ya never know what you might find...

Making a contribution.

Well, the easiest way to contribute is to send me a link to already existing content. I'd prefer to link directly to the page with the content rather than an "index" page, but if you have reservations about that, please email me and we'll work something out. I want everybody to get full credit for contributions, but links should point to content... Not just be a "starting point" for a new search. IMO, of course and you're welcome to try to convince me otherwise.

Of course, I do have a links page where I'd be happy to put a link to almost anything tool related.

If you don't have web space already, but do know how to code html, I will always welcome reasonably sized emails containing finished pages, groups of pages, etc. Send those to the address above as well...

If you don't have web space and you don't know how to code html, just send me an email describing what you did and include at least one picture. I'll roll it out onto a page and give you credit for the whole enchilada.

Finally, if you don't have web space, don't know how to code html, and don't have a scanner, but you made something and took a picture of it? Not a problem. Send me an email explaining the situation and I'll do my best to work something out with you to get it up on this site. Never fear, you'll still get credit for your hard work.

Things that I will NOT do (knowingly)

Things that I WILL do

Having said the above, I would like to make it clear that this is something that I'm doing for fun in my spare time and that I can't make promises about longevity, not running out of space, etc. If you send me something in good faith, I'll make a good faith effort to get it up and give you the credit you deserve. If this experiment takes off, I'll make a good faith effort to either continue to make this information available, or I'll try and find someone who can.

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