Keeping Up With The Neighbors?  We Would'nt Want Hubbard Getting All The Media Attention Due To Their December 7, 2000 Explosion.

These are pictures of the fire at Central Iowa Powder Coating Co.


Traffic Jam in Town.

Water Tower Went Dry. Had to Truck In Water From Hubbard!

Hot Day for a Fire!

Jim Spaid Interviewed by Channel 8

Who Provided the Boom Truck?

Some Help from Buckeye.


View of Southwest Corner of the Metal Addition.

Missed the Garage at 107 W. Newago.


Tough Day at the Office.

Playing in the Mud.

Hubbard's Mark Boeke Aims the Water.

Waiting for the Next Load of Water.

Gary Houck Watching the Operation.

South Wall of the Building's Metal Addition Fell onto Our Property at 107 W. Newago.

They Think Fire May Have Been Caused By Faulty Unit That Is Hooked to an LP Gas Line.

LP Gas Tank and the Drying Unit.

View of Van De Pol's Storage Garage.

News Crew Getting Ready for the 10:00 Broadcast.  All Four Local Station Cover the Fire Live and on Their 10:00 News.


View Through an East Window - Looking West.

Interior View, Looking West.

Front Face of the Building.

South Side of the Business's Original Brick.  (The building was built in 1908.)

View of South Wall.

View of Loading Dock Area.

Burnt Equipment in the Metal Addition.