Agudas Achim Congregation   

Board of Trustees

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Nancy Rosenthal                                                                                    President

Joel Kline                                                                                                    First Vice President

Peter Rubenstein                                                                                    Second Vice President

Tom Gelman                                                                                               Treasurer

Meg Mandel                                                                                                Secretary

Gary Milavetz                                                                                              School

David Lubaroff                                                                                          Ritual

Joni Caplan                                                                                                 Youth

Nancy Sprince                                                                                            Membership

Charlie Pruchno                                                                                          Adult Education

M. J. Weintraub                                                                                          Tikun Olam

Karlene Katz                                                                                                 Social

Barcey Levy                                                                                                   Trustee

Mike Margolin                                                                                                Trustee

Jerry Naylor                                                                                                    Trustee


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