Epsial's Leroy and Marcia Cox
A company's success can be measured in many ways. For one, only 2% of all companies in this business make it past five years. This is Espial's TENTH! Our longevity, alone, make Espial a success story. Add to that Espial's financial success, Espial's rapid growth, and a host of other indicators....indeed, Espial has surpassed every milestone experts use to measure the success of a network marketing company!

Founded in 1989 by LeRoy and Marcia Cox with a commitment to provide reasonably priced, high-quality, and exceptionally effective products to everyone throughout the country and at the same time, with Espial's innovative "Direct Line" approach to marketing, provide an incredible opportunity for everyone to own their own successful and satisfying Espial Business! And behind every aspect of the Espial organization, from the state of the art manufacturing facilities to the smile of a new Espial consultant, stands the company's recognition of the value of Nature and the growing necessity of preserving and nurturing our Earth.