Hinkletown's Hickory Ridge School

Some type of schooling probably occurred in Hinkletown by the Mid- late 1850's. It is not known exactly when the first school house, Hickory Grove, was built, but probably in the late 1850's or early 1860's. Land abstracts for the land in Hinkletown reflect A transfer from the State of Iowa School fund Commissioner to Thomas Starkweather on February 5, 1852. On this 80 acre parcel, one acre had been set aside for the school, which was built first on the west end of the parcel, and when the first school had outlived its usefulness, a new one, Hickory Ridge, was built on the east side in 1905.

First Hinkletown School - Hickory Grove, Circa 1890's. Note the Teacher and her Horse (far left).

Second Hinkletown School - Hickory Ridge, Built in 1905. Today, only a foundation remains, and the coal shed and well pump.

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