Hinkletown Iowa's Early Business Owners

Hinkletown sets on the site of Indian Camps and Hunting Grounds. Sometime in the 1840's, after Chief Keokuk of the Sak And Fox Ceded Land to the U.S.,Settlers began building a community at the site of Hinkletown. At that time, the area was a thick oak and Hickory Savannah along the English River, on the border of Iowa and Keokuk Counties, surrounded by Prairie.

Harmon Henkle 1832 - 1905

Harmon Hinkle (Henkle) moved to Iowa County, Fillmore Township, in 1859. Although a Town was already established, his business dealings in general merchandizing, farm implements, grain and saw mills earned him sufficient respect that the town would bear his name by 1861: Hinkletown.

In 1872, Henkle was on scene as the new town of Keota was laid out ten miles directly south of Hinkletown. He built the first business in that town, a general store, then a lumber yard, a furniture Store, Hardware, Grist Mills and serveral other businesses. He opened "The State Banking House of Henkle, Littler & Co." in 1875, was a city councilman, school board and for many years the vice president of the Bank of Keota. During that time he kept his land and interests in Hinkletown. And in 1879, he was on scene when the new town of Kinross Iowa was laid out four miles south of Hinkletown. The first house in Kinross was moved in from Hinkletown, which was beginnning to experience its decline. Henkle opened up the first lumberyard in the town and was said to do a booming business. He also opened a hardware store there. Henkle kept all these businesses running simultaneously by developing strong partners and having family members (his son and son-in-laws running various aspects of his businesses. By the late 1870's Henkle had removed most of the goods in his general store in Hinkletown to his other shops in Keota and kinross, although at least one general store operated in Hinkletown until about 1923. Henkle also opened a grist mill in Weiser Idaho in 1891, and maintained his home and businesses in Keota. He moved back to his Keota home in 1899, and died there in 1905.

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