Area Map of Hinkletown, Iowa - 1874

From 1874 Iowa County Atlas

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In this 1874 Plat of the area around Hinkletown, note the Proximity of Foote Post Office to Hinkletown. By 1886, Foote moves a mile to the Northeast, and the last notation of Foote P.O. is in the 1900 Iowa County Atlas. This appears consistent with other referenced moves of the Post Office, and its closing, according to government records, in 1902. Also note the Hinkletown School on this map is further to the left (west) than on later maps, and is named Hickory Grove rather than the common name of Hickory Ridge. It is documented that there were two buildings that served as the Hinkletown School, one built in the 1850's or 60's and replaced by a newer schoolhouse in 1905.

Hinkletown Business District - 1874 Schoolhouse pictures
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