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Welcome to the Hess Generations Web Page!! I hope that you have a wonderful time here and please visit and sign my Guest Book. If you have any problems, please let me know. Have a nice day!

Hello there!!!

    Come and join my adventure back to the beginning where dreams were blossoming like the wild roses of the countryside. A countryside that was still unbroken by the plow. To an era when things were done the old fashion way with hard work and sweat. A time when you could  really say that you built it with your own two hands. A good days hard work started before the rooster awoke and ended after the sun went to sleep. A trip across the ocean wasn't for business or pleasure, but to fulfill a dream.

    When kids went to the store, they were ecstatic to receive a piece of hard candy. How things have changed since then is amazing. I don't want anyone to forget how it was. I don't want anyone to forget where he or she came from. To savor the pride that I feel when I think of the determination that my ancestors had and the sacrifices that they made. Many things were given up during those times. Families were split apart forever to start a new life and to fulfill a dream.

    So lets journey back to where the rainbow began to find out how it all started. Then travel across a spectrum of time on the journey across the vast ocean to find the pot of gold that was waiting on the other side. The the gold of riches and wealth, but the gold of a wholesome life. The riches of having a strong family.