The Old Red Giant


The old giant stood, gaunt and battered, tired, and showing his age.

He'd been loyal and faithful, providing shelter and comfort to so many lives for so many years.

And now, he was condemned to death.

Did no one remember that he had been a haven for animals, a joy for children?

Oh sure, they'd loved him when he was young and strong. They'd been proud of him when he was handsome and wearing a new red coat. But now he is weathered and weary and considered useless.

Well, he might be defeated by this steel monster he was facing, but he would not go easily. They would see that he was no weakling. He would give them one more glimpse of his strength and might.

No one called out to save the giant. No one tried to stop the slaughter. The steel monster began its assault, but the giant stood. Blow after blow caused the giant to gasp, to totter, to fall on his knees. The assault continued, and the giant died.

And tears were shed.

©The Ogden Reporter 2001

Shorty and Doris Peterson of Boxholm had their barn torn down. The structure was well over 100 years old. The Petersons said it had aged greatly during the nearly 51 years they lived beside it. She shares her thoughts as she watched the once-stately symbol of our rural heritage crumple.

1999 Newton landfill

finished pond 2002

the guy's hard at work

one year later

from space

clearing the boat ramp in Brushy Creek state park

building the boat ramp

Digging a basment for Habitat for humanity.

the finished boat ramp Brushy Creek state park



2008 Pond after clearing

2008 finished pond

2011 Driving Sheet Pilling