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Save 30 to 75% on Fuel Costs

Building Heat Loss Form

....Use this to get a free building analysis and heater layout. We can fax or mail an equipment cost and heater layout ...usually the same day.

Industrial and Maintenance Buildings

....Manufacturing, warehouse and maintenance buildings. Find out how you can save money
on fuel costs with HEATRONICS INFRA-RED heating.


....Farm applications - "Iowa Farmer Magazine" and "Farmers' Hotline Magazine" Heat your out buildings with or without electricity. ...High intensity, or Suntube sytems... Save money with gas fired INFRA-RED.


....Special information -- Pricing -- Applications

Engineers and Design Drawings

....Specifications and technical stuff. Drawings and construction of heater parts, venting,
combustion air, etc...

Sample Jobs

....Jobs throughout the Midwest. There probably is one close to you...

Specials and Breaking News

....What's new and what's on sale. Summer specials and new heaters. (And future heaters)


....Low ceiling areas... Garages, Workbenches, above counters...

Installation of Heaters

...With the easy to understand manual installation is a snap!!! (Pictures to guide you)
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About Our Company

HEATRONICS is a manufacturers' rep firm specializing in the design and sales of industrial Infra-Red TUBE and HIGH INTENSITY Heating Systems. Our company incorporated in 1978 in Des Moines, Iowa. Soon after that the company increased in size with the addition of offices in OMAHA, Nebraska and ST. LOUIS, Missourl. Presently our territory includes the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota.