In summer of 2002 I began construction of a 40 cu ft down-draft propane fired kiln. The chamber is five feet tall and is constructed of 1000 Insulating fire brick with nine inch thick walls. The arch is 4 inches thick with a two inch thick layer of kaowool. The chimney is composed of nearly 600 heavy duty fire brick and stands approximately 16 ft tall. Three venturi burners flank each side and produce nearly 130,000 BTU’s, that can produce cone 10 temperature (2350 degrees Fahrenheit) within 12 hours. I have included a variety of photo’s illustrating a portion of the building process.

Laying of brick is done with precision to ensure a level and square chamber.

Wooden lathe arch support is shimmed in to allow the form to be removed upon completion of the arch.

Angle iron and rods with adjustable tension springs are then locked in place to support the arch and to allow the kiln to expand and contract during firing.

Kiln door is bricked up upon completion of loading.

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