Sampson Insurance understands our clients concerns about the privacy of their information collected. Our company is dedicated to protecting the confidentiality and security of non-public personal information we collect about our customers in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This notice refers to the Company by using terms "us", "we" and/or "our". This notice describes our privacy policy and describes how we treat non-public personal information about our clients that we receive from them.

Sampson Insurance knows how important your personal privacy is to you. We recognize that you expect privacy and security when it comes to information that personally identifies you and allows you to be individually contacted.

Sampson Insurance has adopted the following privacy policy because we understand the need to safeguard the information you may be providing to us at our web site.

We do not sell customer information.
We do not share your information with persons, companies, or organizations outside of Sampson Insurance that would use that information to contact you about their products and services.
We expect persons or organizations that provide services on our behalf to keep your information confidential. We also expect those persons or organizations to use your information only to provide the services we have asked them to perform.
We convey to our employees about the need to protect your information. We have established safeguards (these are physical, electronic and procedural) to protect this information.

Why We Collect and How We Use Information
We collect and use information for business purposes with respect to our Real Estate & Insurance Services and other business relations involving our customers. We gather this information to evaluate our client's requests for service.

How We Protect Information
Our agent or broker may use your information to help you with your insurance or real estate needs. We may also contact you about products, features, and options in which you have expressed an interest. Without your consent, we may provide your information to persons or organizations in and out of Grimm Real Estate & Insurance, Inc. This would be done as permitted or required by law. We may do this to:

Fulfill a transaction you have requested.
Service your policy
Market our products to you.
Investigate or handle claims
Detect or prevent fraud
Participate in insurance or real estate support organizations. The information in a report prepared by a support organization may be retained by that organization and distributed to other persons.
Comply with lawful requests from regulatory and law enforcement authorities.

To Whom Information May Be Disclosed
These persons or organizations may include:

1. Insurance companies. This would be done so they could perform their role in an insurance transaction involving you.

2. Independent claims adjusters

3. A business or businesses that conduct actuarial or research studies.

4. People who request information pursuant to a subpoena or court order.

5. Your agent or broker

Notification of your Right to Opt Out of Certain Disclosure

As we have indicated in this Privacy Policy Notice we collect certain non-public information about you, which we may disclose to certain non-affiliated third parties for purposes other than those expressly permitted by the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act. If you wish to opt out of such disclosures, you may call our office at: 319-667-5122, or e-mail us at

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Last modified: December 19, 2004