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Vol. 01 Issue 01//May 21, 2001

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This page is intended to pass along information about the Grife Family. Wedding announcements, graduation, births, and other interesting aspects of life.

New Additions to the Grife Family

Here in the Ozarks, we have had six new additions since the last reunion

John and Lesley Nolan of Topeka, Kansas, parents of Noah Matthew Nolan. John is the son of Butch and Jeanie (Grife) Nolan.

Billy DeLaMatter and Cassie Allen, of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, are the parents of Jeremy Dean DeLaMatter (born August 23, 2000). Billy is son of Cecil DeLaMatter, and grandson of Melva (Grife) DeLaMatter.

Lisa Bowers and Joda Cain, of Peculair, Missouri, are the parents of Travion Antonio Cain (born September 25, 2000). Lisa is the daughter of Mike and Arlene (DeLaMatter) Bowers, granddaughter of Melva (Grife) DeLaMatter.

Crystal Ipock gave birth to Addison Mykala Ipock on July 26, 2000. Crystal is the daughter of Susan Jones Tuomala and stepdaughter of Kris Tuomala. Kris is the son of Lena Faye (Grife) Tuomala.

Nick Russell and Amber Alvarez, of Neosho, Missouri, are the parents of Tristen Lee Russell (born August 10, 2000). Nick is the grandson of Gerry (Minars) Mills and great-grandson of Nellie (Grife) Minars.

Bradly and Lora Davis, of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma are the parents of Noah Blake Davis (born October 13, 2000). Lora is the daughter of Cathy Mae Jones Tuomala and the stepdaughter of Edward Tuomala. Edward is the son of Lena Faye (Grife) Tuomala.

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2001 Graduations
Erica Marie Tuomala and Jessica Gail Mikeska graduated from the Neosho High School in Neosho, Missouri on Thursday evening, May 10th, 2001 8:00 PM at the Bob Anderson Stadium in Neosho. Erica and Jessica are the granddaughters of Lena Faye (Grife) Tuomala. Their parents (Eric and Bonnie Tuomala, and Chris and Jennifer Mikeska) are very proud. Tim Russell (Grandson of Gerri Minars Mills) also graduated from Neosho on the same evening.

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New Business Ventures
Chris and Jennifer Mikeska (Jennifer is the daughter of Lena Faye) have started a new business in Neosho, Missouri. They are the owners of "Ozark Recycling". This business makes use of the cardboard boxes and other items that are constantly tossed into the trash.

Kris and Susie Tuomala (Kris is the son of Lena Faye) have started a home- based business that deals with the primitive lifestyles of our early ancestors. Their business is called "Walking on Old Ground". In addition to making many hand crafted items, they also write articles and even have a book out.

Mary Spencer Holstad has been in business for a while. Her Teddy Bear creations are sold all over the world. Her website is Mary is the daughter of Leroy Spencer and the grand-daughter of Nellie (Grife) Minars.

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