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Below is an email message from Tom Ferraro regarding a crack stabilizer they found while inspecting a 1978 Grumman Tiger.

The pictures are from their investigation




From: Tom Ferraro []


Subject:  SAIB for Tiger N28745


Gentlemen.... Attached are a few pictures that show the damage we found

while inspecting our 1978 Grumman Tiger per SAIB CE-04-34. Based on

conversations with both of you, here's a brief description of the aircraft

and some of the history via the logs.


1978 AA5B

Serial Number AA5B0789

TT  1902 hours


Damage history: 

Nose gear replaced, prop strike and left wing tip repaired in 1978

Left wing repaired at rib 6-7 aand 7-8 in 1984. No info as to what happened

or why the repair was needed.

Looks like recent minor hangar rash "ding" in right elevator trailing edge

Noticed the tie down ring had been reinforced with a patch riveted to bottom

of fuse. No log entry.

Tie down ring itself shows not signs of damage - may have been replaced with

no log entry.

Top horizontal bulkhead in rear of fuse had been patched due to cracking at

left rear corner.

Top tray had also been wrinkled from left rear corner to the inspection hole

causing crack under the flange at the hole. This could not be seen until the


rubber edging around the hole was removed.



Lower stiffner was wrinkled and cracked on left side (#7 in SAIB drawing)

Lower stiffner was cracked on right side (#6)

Both side angles were cracked on the top rear (#1 and #2). 

Significant wrinkle on the right side (#1) under the forward spar

Minor wrinkle on the left side under the forward spar

Close inspection of the rest of the rear end of the aircraft and surfaces

looks good


The Plan:

We have purchased the repair kit and new parts from Fletchair

Our plan is to rivet and bond the new Angles and lower stiffner to the fuse

(per Procedure w kit 125A)

We have patched the upper bulkhead tray to repair and stiffen the rear area

where it was wrinkled and cracked.


I appreciate the information you both have been able to provide us with the

inspection and repair. We should have it back in the air in the near future.


I hope these pictures help you with your research on this subject. Please

feel free to contact us if you need any more information etc. Thanks again!




Bent Right Side

buckle both sides.JPG

crack lower left rear view.JPG

crack lower left.JPG

crack upper left side.JPG

lower left side bent.JPG

rt side angle bent.JPG