Article on Self Maintenance

I haven’t done much maintenance because the plane has been in the shop getting the overhaul done.  I plan

on keeping a history of maintenance here.


During the overhaul, the front strut assembly was removed and the bearing inspected.  It was dry and it looked like

it had not been checked and greased for a long time.  The strut was stripped and repainted with Epoxy paint.  This will

allow me to touch up the paint as it accumulates rock chips and scrapes.


The fuel primer was removed and lubricated.


The fuel selector was removed and lubricated.  Previously it was very difficult to move. 


The tail cone was removed and a few bolts were replaced. They had started to corrode.


The rudder upper and lower bearings were replaced.


The oil temperature sending unit was broken. 


Dorsal Fin is being replaced. It was badly cracked and it was the older plastic variety.  There

were two or three cracks that extended all the way to the bottom.  This can be a tricky part to

install correctly.  It should be flush with the stabilizer in the rear and mounted in the same

mounting holes on the metal frame as t he original fin. 


All four master brake cylinders were removed and inspected.  The pilot side master had

a bent brake rod.  The inside brake lines were replaced and the hard aluminum brake lines

going to the slave cylinders were replaced.  These are hard to find parts and they had to

be hand made.  The previous brake lines were flexible hose and when they started to bleed the brakes

it was slow and obviously not correct.  Further investigation showed that the inside of the brake lines (flexible) going

to the slave cylinders (about 12” ) had started to deteriorate and fowl the oil path.


The ailerons were removed and inspected per AD. The flap torque tubes were removed, cleaned, glass beaded and painted.  There is a 

section of the tube that is exposed to the environment and begins to corrode.  When reassembling the unit, they noticed one of the bolts

holding the flap assembly together was backed out about ½ way.   The flap assembly had stripped threads on one of the

bolt holes.  This unit was replaced.


The mixture cable was worn near the end that attaches to the carb.  The cable was replaced with a

similar cable from Fletchair.  The same was done for the carb heat cable.



Windshield has small (2 inch) cracks and needs to be replaced.  It was replaced with the ¼” gray tint windshield and it looks “sweet”.


Pitot tube is slightly bent to the left.  This has been replaced.


Control cables need to be cleaned and tensioned.  This has been completed.  Precision engine adjusted the control yoke chain and cable tensions. 

There was too much play in the chain drive and the yokes did not match up correctly.


For Christmas my wife had new canopy and rear windows installed.  Is she great or what!  She worked with the local

A&P at Winterset IA (3Y3) – Greg Harrison.  He did an excellent job and I was completely surprised when I went to fly the plane.

When I opened the hangar I new something was different but I couldn’t figure out what it was at first.  The plane looked new!

Finally (5  - 10 seconds) I figured it out.  The 27 year old windows were really crazed and landing at sunset was interesting, you couldn’t see anything out of

The Sun side canopy window.


Future Needs: