Gear Leg Refurbish

Old gear legs

I used Plasti-dip to cover the gear legs. Removed all fairings and cleaned the old rubber with Naptha. Then coated the gear legs with 5 coats of plasti-dip using a cheap paint brush because it ruins it after each coat. Waited 1 day between coats. I cleaned the fairings and plastic parts with a solution of bleach that worked very well. Then waxed and reassembled with new hardware.

I also reworked the torn nose strut rubber deal. This part is expensive and with $10 in materials I was able to save it for 2 years so far and it still appears to be in good shape. I think it has 10+ years left in it. I used pipe repair tape that you can get at any good store like Lowe's. It is black and looks like electrical tape but is much thicker. I used this to tape up the tears and generally give the rubber some more structure and then used the Plasti dip to coat it a few times.