Cheetah Purchase

I purchased 9868U in Feb. 2002

The following documents were useful in evaluating the plane and closing the purchase.

I have included the pre-purchase agreement I used for reference only.

I did a pre purchase inspection. The plane did not have complete log books for the engine or the airframe. The missing engine logbook did not bother me too much because I knew I was going to go for a major overhaul soon. I did some research on the airframe and found no incident reports.   Also the previous owner had a letter from the A&P who did the annuals previous to the logbooks being destroyed in a flood. The letter stated that there was no damage history.

After I got the plane we noticed that there were some repairs to the tail section. Further investigation with the FAA showed that there had been a repair and a 337 filed on the tail section.

I highly recommend to any purchaser to contact the FAA and get a title search and a copy of the history (337 forms) on the aircraft. It might uncover a interesting past and is well worth the small amount of money it costs to get.

I have placed a few documents below to help other persons interested in purchasing a Grumman.

My recommendations of items to check on the plane before purchase:

Download Word version of Annual Checklist:

Iowa Aircraft Registration.pdf

Bill of Sale.pdf

N9868U PrePurchase.doc

FAA Limitation for Grumman