Engine and Cylinders

The cylinders are new Lycoming cylinders.  Bill Scott reworks the valve seats to allow for maximum cooling

of the valves through the cylinder heads.




Grinding the valve seats

Finished Product!

Crank Shaft being measured.

The crankshaft showed signs of corrosion on the interior of the main bearing surface near the front

of the crank.  This hollow area was full of sludge.  This is the corrosion they discuss in AD 98-02-08.  Although

it doesn’t specifically apply to this aircraft; the crankshaft was ground and polished.

Then it was renitrided and cad plated.  There was also minor corrosion on

the radius going to the flange.

The new crankshaft is beautiful and ready to go. 

The reworked connecting rods are yellow tagged.