Cheetah Overhaul Details

The engine had 2450 hours on the original engine. I knew that it would eventually need an engine overhaul and so I decided to have this done before I had a problem. This was a complicated decision and I had a lot of good advice. Almost all of it contradictory. Finally, I decided that I would probably not fly the 2000 hours till the next TBO and the difference in the selling price of a plane with 1700 hours and 1500 hours is not large. Therefore I would rather fly all of my hours in a plane with a good engine as opposed to try and suck out the last few hours from a 26 year old engine.

Here are a few of the pictures I have received from Bill and Carol Scott at Precision Engine. They are repairing many items on the plane besides doing the engine overhaul. The baffling was in bad shape, the brakes were leaking, the muffler had small cracks and the oil cooler had been installed incorrectly. All of the work you see in the slide shows has been done by Precision Engine. The plane flies like a new plane. When I picked it up the rigging had been adjusted and the old “roll to the right” tendency was completely gone. Precision Engine did a lot of work with the ailerons and the control yoke, cables and chains. After their adjustments the first flight showed that the plane flew straight and no further changes were made. Incredible.

Precision Engine Documentation – Annual and Engine Overhaul

Look at the LOGBOOK!! 3 inches high with all the SB’s, AD’s, installation manuals instruction manuals, notes, parts used (detailed sketches of bolt heads), Yellow Tags, etc… unbelievable!

Detailed sections of Logbook – not all sections shown (too much data for my limited web page service)

Final Bill

Engine Tolerances.pdf

Supplemental Parts Sheet.pdf

SBs and ADs

The Final Bill section includes good details about annual inspection steps and what was done to this specific plane during the annual in 2003.

See the sections to the left to get before and after pictures of the various components that were worked on by Precision Engine.

Before and After