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Andrew Meats' World's-Best Jerky is hand-made in the finest of old traditions. Slabs of the leanest beef, pork, turkey, and chicken are thinly sliced and carefully hand-seasoned with our proprietary spices and sauces before they are individually hung on hooks and smoked in real hickory smoke for hours. The dried strips, when finished, are just the right texture for chewing: not too dry and tough, not moist and mushy. Most folks are addicted right away (sorry, that's just the way it is!)

Of course, while we are modest enough about our World's Best Jerkies (we call 'em "Dried Beef-, Pork-, Turkey- or Chicken-Strips, so folks don't go thinking we make just another piece of shoe leather), we are kinda proud of our many other smoked meats. Our beef summer sausage is made of USDA 85% lean ground beef , and is smoked in that same hickory-smoke environ- ment for hours on end, til it is a fully-cooked, delicious sausage for a snack or a meal. As a matter of fact, all of our smoked sausages are made of either 85% lean ground beef or 83% lean ground pork, or in some of our sausages, a blend of the two. These premium ingredients allow us to make the best-tasting, most consistent yummies around. Our sausages include, besides the summer sausage, summer sausage with cheddar cheese, landjaeger ( in three casing sizes, for different duties), kielbasa (a tangy beef/pork blend), bologna (it gives bologna a whole new meaning), beef sticks, smoked rope sausage (this all-pork product will make your knees weak, it's so good), smoked brats (same thing, you'll wonder how you got along without), and even a smoked beef brat (by special request only--it is a dry brat, but we do have our aficionados!)

Of course, we would be remiss if we did not talk about our World's Best Hickory-Smoked Hams & Bacon.. Delicately textured, and smoked to perfection with the same hand-detailed perfection all our other smoked products are produced with; once you have these items you won't want anything else.

World's Best Smoked Meats: It ain't bragging if you can prove it!



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