Kim Peterson, Pastor
Trudy Peterson, Pastor


OFFICE PHONE: 	 928-2282
KITCHEN:	    	 928-2780
EMAIL:  ghsecy@netins.net (Secretary)
Text Box: VOL. XVVVI No. 1
February 2014
Text Box: Dear Friends in Christ,

We thought we would spend a few minutes in this newsletter introducing/reintroducing ourselves. It is 
wonderful to be back in the Titonka & Woden area.

We have already been asked a few questions and are glad to answer any more questions you may have.

First, what do we want to be called. The easiest and quickest way to get us to answer is Pastor Kim or Pastor Trudy ---- even our kids have joked that this is one way to get our attention, no matter where we are.

We will publish our phone numbers and email addresses as soon as possible. Please let us know if someone is in the hospital or needs a visit. We would rather receive several calls than not know at all.

A little bit about ourselves:

Pastor Trudy, still enjoys sewing though I don’t do as much as I used to.  I still enjoy making garments but am looking forward to trying some additional projects in the near future --- the first being a purse that I have the design for in my head.  I like to read and a little over a year ago purchased an e-reader --- I belong to the Book Bub reading group and receive quite a few e-books for free.

I also struggle with wheat intolerance so please do not be insulted if I cannot eat foods that are offered to me. Struggling with wheat intolerance we have learned to think flour and modified food starch which is most foods….if that is in the food, I can’t eat it.   If you would like to know more talk to me, we are discovering many families have children or grandchildren with this issue.

Pastor Kim – I still enjoy lawn and garden. Genealogy is also a fun and never ending hobby. A new goal has come with the gift of a ceramic coffee pot and recipe to make “egg coffee”. I also enjoy reading.

And our family -

Our youngest daughter, Stephanie, who is now 26 has been living with a wheat-free diet since her freshman year in college, so we have lived with and learned much about this kind of diet for a long time. Stephanie works at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon, Iowa. She lives in Sanborn.

Kymberly is now married to Edward Pease. They both work at different facilities that serve the mentally handicapped and brain damaged adults. They live in Boyden. Kymberly is becoming quite the quilter having three patterns published. Edward enjoys theology, having earned his masters degree in Theology.