Good Hope Lutheran Church - Laity

We at Good Hope have very involved members, with many of the laity serving on various committees. We have four or five laity that have given the sermon, with another four or five doing the liturgy on occasions when our Pastor has been out of town. We have members serve as greeters, lector, and ushers, as well as two young children for Junior Ushers each Sunday. Some of our many committees, and their activities follow:

Worship-    FUNCTION- To provide a variety of meaningful worship experiences so that the members of Good Hope can express their faith in an atmosphere of joyful Christian fellowship.

Sets choir schedule and arranges special music for services.
Works with the Pastor in planning special and festival services.
Arranges a lay reader schedule and secures lay readers.
Prepares Baptismal font for each baptism.
Maintains candles on altar, and sees that they are ordered as needed.
Planned and led Passover Seder for Maundy Thursday.
Organized a bake sale.
Arranged Centennial Service.

Stewardship- FUNCTION- To encourage a proper attitude of giving among the members of their time, talents, and treasures, providing a variety of activities for involvement and helping to endure the financial stability of the congregation.

Hosted our Time & Talent Auction.
Promoted our Corn & Cash Ingathering.
Organizes a special Stewardship service by a guest speaker.

Parish Ed- FUNCTION- To plan and administer the total educational program of the congregation, to determine policies, to select personnel for the various educational programs and provide for the direction and supervision of these programs.

Be responsible for the overall Christian nurture of children, youth, and adults in the    congregation.
Secure Superintendents & teachers for the Sunday School.
Secure coordinators for VBS, and Christmas program.
Provide periodic Teacher training events.
Establish & maintain a cradle roll.
Plans Rally Day, chooses SS material, sets class lists, orders palms for Palm Sunday processional.

Social Ministry- FUNCTION- To keep abreast with the congregation and community as to ways we at Good Hope can assist in the care of our members and citizens.

 Be aware of any social problems of our congregation and community and  suggest and implement ways to solve the problems.
Made May baskets for the Care Center residents.
Prepares and presents welcome baskets for all new members, including the children in families.
Collected special collection for the Kossuth County food pantry.
Arranged for a speaker from Kossuth County Family Crisis Center to speak at a service, and took a special offering for them.

Evangelism- FUNCTION- To work with the congregation and pastor in bringing the Gospel to the unchurched, to encourage mutual fellowship and cooperation among the members and to seek to bring those who have become inactive into greater participation in the life of the congregation.

Provide for the visitation of the unchurched and new community members.
 Be conscious of the atmosphere of friendliness within the congregation towards members and visitors and suggest improvements if needed.
Lines up hosts for fellowship on the lawn after summer services.
Organizes after-church coffees when new members are received.
Plans something special for Pentecost Sunday.

Property- FUNCTION- Responsible for the care and maintenance of all church property except the parsonage and cemetery. Large expenditures are taken to Congregational Council for approval.

Installed new entry carpet.
Bought & installed new treads on all steps.
Cleaned church grounds (raking & trimmed trees).
Line up someone for mowing & snow removal.
New rugs placed in church, and many other small projects.

Cemetery- Purchased & spread gravel.
                   Trim trees & spray grass.

Parsonage- Walks through parsonage with Pastor and reports any needed repairs to Church
                         Council. (once a year)

 Cleaning- Organizes annual church cleaning done by the men and women.

Funeral- After notification by the pastor, committee meets with the family to plan the meal.
                Lines up the food and workers to serve at the funeral.

Flower- Gives reminder calls to those who are signed up for altar flowers.
                Waters the flowers stored in the church refrigerators during the week.
                Contacts the pastor when additional flowers are given to the church so that he can
                     acknowledge them.

Library- Chooses and purchases new books and videos.
                Catalogs all new materials, and prepares them for checkout.
                Promotes the use of the library by publicizing new materials in the Library Newsletter,
                     which is distributed to all members.

Kitchen- Alerts the WELCA of needs in the kitchen.
                Discards and replaces any broken items
             Keeps the kitchen well stocked of soap, towels, and cleaning aids.
                Clean and polish silver service once a year.
                Responsible for overall general upkeep throughout the year, such as defrosting and
                     cleaning refrigerator, ovens, cupboards, etc.

Bridal- Assists bride with any suggestions or any type of help she may need.

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