Good Hope Lutheran Church - Cookbook Corrections


Pecan Pie – page 123 (Alice Pfeffer)

1 cup white syrup not 1 cup white sugar

Porkette ham Balls – page 177 (Alice Pfeffer)

tsp nutmeg not cup nutmeg

Country French Bread – page 30 (Vicky Nelson)

In the preparation it should read, Add sugar, salt, shortening and remaining water; stir until dissolved.

Lime Pickles – page 191 (Erna Schuller by Vicky Nelson)

In the preparation it should read, Soak sliced pickles in lime and water for 24 hrs. Rinse well. Cover with water. Let stand 3 hours, drain. Combine the remaining ingredients and heat. Pour over the pickles. Let stand overnight. Boil 35 minutes in juice; then can.

Pearl’s Sour Cream Cookies – page 66 (Vicky Nelson)

cup butter not cup flour

Breakfast Casserole – page 13 (Carole Tuecke)

Add 2 cups of milk to the ingredients

Potato Salad – page 140 (Margaret Phelps)

1 tsp. Salt not 1 tsp. salad

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