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Phone: (515)-899-2131
Toll-free: 1-888-387-2627
About the company

G & D Combine is a company that custom harvests and sells Redekop choppers for Case IH combines and improved chopper rotors for John Deere combines. We are the distributors for the Redekop chopper.

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The Redekop Chopper

We use these choppers on our own combines and have many satisfied customers in a now very large area. We have expanded our advertising area recently to include the entire soybean belt. If you are having problems with soybean straw, the best answer is the Redekop chopper. If you already have a factory chopper and it doesn't make you happy, the Redekop chopper will.

We also have the replacement chopper rotor for the John Deere which cuts finer and is able to spread further than the original JD rotor.

The Owners

We are both farmers with a combined number of years of farm harvesting, and repair shop work we don't like to admit to. We are both convinced after five years of use of three Case IH 1680s each equipped with a Redekop chopper that there is no better chopper avialable on the market today.