Casualty Claims Liability

We have the following adjusters who have a combination of 100 years of experience handling liability claims:

Darrall Leighton - Frank Clapp - Dave Nelson

These adjuster's have experience in muliple liabilites: Auto, Products, General, Special Risks

Property and Homeowners, 1st Party Claims

In this area we have 3 adjusters who handle this type of claim regularly. The first type of claim that comes to mind is the Fire-Suspected Arson Claim.

Frank Clapp has 36 years experience handling the above type claims which has included intensive cause and origin work, correlating the work efforts of electrical and mechanical engineers on claims in which there is subrogation opportunities. Frank Clapp has been a member of various national arson investigators associations.

All of our adjusters have handled storm damage claims. Every year we are out estimating hail and wind damage to residential and commercial properties. Mobile Homes is one of our specialties since owner and operator Frank Clapp has worked for a national mobile home insurance company for years and who helped institute an estimating manual in the company's claims dept.

Commercial Property

We have two adjusters who are adept at handling this type of claim.

Products Liability

Dave Nelson is an adjuster with 35 years experience working as a staff adjuster for two of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. He has joined us as a Products Liability specialist. He is outstanding in the areas of liability and property.

We handle many products claims. Having knowledge of the Federal Tort Claims Act regarding Products Liability is important in our opinion. There is more exposure on this type claim than a regular liability claim, since the burden of proof is sometimes switched to the defendant.

Errors and Omission Claims

This is an area in which Frank Clapp has handled Errors and Omission claims while working at American States Insurance, State Farm Mutual, and Travelers. We are well informed as to where to start an investigation involving Errors and Omissions.

Truck and Cargo Claims

When you have a cargo loss, you need a person who can quickly mobilize and effectively manage a crew of men who can efficiently transload or reshift your load. We have a crew of men available, and our experience with cargo losses places us in the position of efficient managers---24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When possible, we will deal with the receiver of the goods to get them to accept the cargo by the best method pertaining to each loss. We know that the receiver is anxious to get the shipment and will sometimes take less than l00% quality.

We have 3 men who are active in handling cargo losses. You can call our National Hot Line Phone Number in Phoenix at 1-800-426-7228, or you can call our answering service at 1-563-383-1894. What more to get you off to an early start; two telephone numbers!

Tractor Losses

Often, once we get the tractor uprighted we find that, with a little repair work, the unit can be driven to home base. In our area there is one wrecker firm, with Hydra Cranes, which has years of excellent experience in uprighting railroad cars and tractor-trailers without carelessly letting the sides crumble. Bob Edwards is our leading expert on all types of tractor-trailer losses having 20 years experience.

Trailor Losses

Just because a trailer is split into two pieces, is not justification for totaling the unit. We have access to excellent trailer repair firms.

Bond Losses

Frank Clapp has had experience with fidelity and surety losses and construction bonds which has involved going to the particular site and managing the facility. We are experienced in all areas of bond losses.

We recognize that on every bond loss there is always subrogation opportunities. A bond indemnifies someone. If an insurance company has to perform and pay a "License Bond" then they have the right to collect from the party who failed to perform properly.

Workmens Compensation

On every serious workmens compensation case, we feel that a thorough covering of the injured employee's past work record for at least 20 years is important. We also feel his injuries, accidents, and infirmities should be covered. We have been successful in getting "Special Case Settlements" approved in Iowa and Illinois.

Aeronautics Claims

We have had experience handling airplane crashes; both the small aircraft and the large commercial aircraft. This has included: analyzing the various policies, covering each particular situation, and determing which policy would apply to the loss.

Farm Losses

In the area of farm losses, we feel we are more than adequately prepared. Frank Clapp, Bob Edwards, Dave Nelson, and Darrall Leighton keep thoroughly"up to date" with the Fence laws in Iowa and Illinois and are able to save your company money by carefully investigating and applying the laws, involving cows in the corn claims and others.

We are also trained to recognized root rot, deer nibbling, corn borer, and other diseases which claimants often try to collect damages for your insured's livestock which casually wanders onto the claimant's property for a short visit.

Additionally, we keep up on the current prices of crops, which pertains to the loss at hand and utilizes salvage features to save you money.

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