of Frogs and Friends

A Collection by John H. Perkins

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"Well written, wonderful
vignettes that bring
back memories for
this lifetime."






"I didn't want the
beautiful words to end.

Thank you for
providing such 
sheer enjoyment!"

John Perkins For some time, John Perkins wrote a weekly column for the Mason City [Iowa] Globe Gazette. His columns were a great favorite and appeared in the Globe and on refrigerators across North Iowa for many years. 

 Many of the essays and anecdotes presented in of Frogs and Friends have never been published before.


"I was sentimentally touched."

  Marlus Perkins

The book is illustrated by Marlus Perkins, John's wife of over 64 years. Her sketches are sprinkled throughout the book, bringing a feel of down-home warmth to the stories. 


Lindy's Plane 

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