The VIRTUE infused by sanctifying grace that gives assurance of salvation, moves the individual to place one's faith in God and brings one to perform morally good actions.

For Christians, Jesus Christ is the focus of hope and His resurrection is the sign that Christian hope is not futile or empty. Traditionally, hope was individualistic and oriented toward future life, but in recent decades, a more communal and practical approach has been given to Christian hope. Hope is seen as the ultimate source of faith and charity. It causes Christians to show charity to the poor because they are the most esteemed by the One Who conquered death. Christ gives hope in our struggle against hatred, sin and evil because He was victorious by His fidelity and obedience to the Father. Christian hope is thus a more profound hope than is that of other world-views. It challenges atheism, secularism and rationalism to provide hope in our struggle against hatred, evil and death. Catholicism does not explain away the domain of evil which holds sway in our world, but it provides hope for overcoming and escaping it through the grace and saving actions of Jesus Christ.